CCFFR – 2003

Westin Ottawa Hotel: 02-05 January 2003


SCL – 2003

Westin Ottawa Hotel: 02-05 January 2003


1)  Determining Appropriate Scales of Management for Brook Trout in Algonquin Park, Ontario.

Addison, P. and C. Wilson

1)  Is Chlorophyll Misused as a Measure of Biomass in Benthic Algal Studies.

Baulch, H.M., M. A. Turner, D.L. Findlay, R. Vinebrooke, W.F. Donahue and L.L. Hendzel.

2)  Don E. McAllister:  A Career Studying Canadian Freshwater Fishes.

Noel Alfonso and Brian W. Coad.  Research Services Division, Canadian Museum Of Nature (

2)  The Impact of Low-Moderate Anthropogenic Disturbance On Alpine Algal Communities.

Cheek, K, and S. B. Watson

3)  The Effect of A Synthetic Estrogen on the Reproductive Success of Male Fathead Minnows:  A Whole-Lake Addition Experiment.

Blanchfield, P.J., A.J. Majewski, V. Palace and K. Kidd

3)  Antagonistic Effect of Selenium on Mercury Accumulation By Invertebrates and Fish in Sudbury Area Lakes.  

T. Delongchamp, J. Gunn, N. Belzile, Y. Chen and J. Tong

4)  Interaction of Fish Size and Avian Predator Species on the Non-Lethal Costs of Predation in Largemouth Bass.

Cooke, S.J., J. Steinmetz, J. Degner, E.C. Grant and D.P. Philipp.

4)  Accumulation of Persistent Organic Pollutants in Lakes from the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Demers, M., J. Blais and F.R. Pick

5)  Estimating Population Size and Wild Growth Rates of the Shortnose Sturgeon (Acipenser brevirostrum) in the Saint John River, NB. James

A. Crossman, Alisha Giberson, Ryan Hardy, Ronald M. Browne, Mathew K. Litvak.

5)  Climate and Forest Fire Relationships Inferred from Lake Sediments Along a North-South Transect on the Interior Plateau, B.C., Canada.

Enache, M. and B.F. Cumming

6)  Does Manual Tracking Influence Fish Activity and Distribution.

Blanchfield, P.J., T.F. Hodge and L.S. Flavelle

6)  The Autonomously Monitored “Bytho-net”.  A New, Large-Volume, High Efficiency Plankton Net Fitted with a Microprocessor-Based Depth/ Efficiency Monitor for the Collection of Large Rare Invertebrates in Defined Depth Strata.

Filion, J.-M, J.D. Young, A. Croft, N.D. Yan and O. Saadeldin

7)  Feeding and Prey Selectivity of Young-of- the-Year Rainbow Smelt (Omerus mordax) in Lake Saint-Jean.

Fortin, A.-L., and M. Legault, R. Côté and P. Sirois.

7)  Investigating The Fate And Transport Of Persistent Organic Pollutants Introduced By Sockeye Salmon Into Their Freshwater Nursery Lakes: A Food-Web Analysis.

Gregory-Eaves, I. and J. Blais

8)  Enhancing the Productive Capacity of a 3.4-km Diversion Channel in the Canadian Artic.

Jones, N.E., Tonn, W.M., Scrimgeour, G. and Katopodis, C.

8)  Do kicknets and Rockbags Tell the Same Story About Stream Benthic Invertebrates?

Heard, K.S., M. Hanson-Lee, S. B. Heard and R.A. Curry

9)  Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Small Stream Habitat Use by Brook Trout, Salvelinus fontinalis, in Northwestern Ontario.

Lawrie, M.K. and R.W. Mackereth.

9)  Formation of Colliodal and Particulate Organic Carbon in Boreal Streams and Lakes.

Kelton, N. and L.A. Molot

10)  Variation in Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) Life Histories: An Adaptive Response to Environmental Differences Along an Altitudinal Gradient.

McCairns, R.J.S. and J.A. Hutchings

10)  Diatom Indices for Monitoring Water Quality in Streams in Quebec and Ontario.

Lavoie, I. P. Dillion, S. Campeau, J. Winter and K. Somers.

11) Department of Fisheries and Oceans recovery efforts for the endangered Atlantic whitefish (Coregonus huntsmani).

Whitelaw, M, R Bradford, and AA McPherson

11)  Photoresponses of Late Instar Chaoborus punctipennis Larvae.

Persaud, A.D., M.R. Arts and N.D. Yan

12)  Do All Female Sea Lampreys Spawn?

O’Connor L.M., J.R. Kelso, and F.W.H. Beamish.

12)  The Effect Of Seasonally Variable Organic Material On Suspended Sediment Structure In A Salmon-Bearing Stream.

McConnachie, J. and E. Petticrew

13) Observations on the Growth and Life History of the Brook Silverside Labidesthes sicculus, in Central Ontario.

Perces Powles and Ian Sandeman

13)  Do Environmental Factors Affect Mercury Concentrations in Benthic Invertebrates?

Rennie, M.D. and N.C. Collins

14)  Using Different Criteria to Calculate Hypolimnetic Oxygen Concentrations: Implications for Environmental Assessment and Lake Management.

Quinlan, R., Paterson, A.M. and J.P. Smol.

14)  Effects of Environmental Factors and Composition of Cyanobacterial Community on the Occurrence of Hepatotoxic Cyanobacterial Blooms in Eastern Townships, Quebec.

Rolland, A. and D. Bird

15)  Development of mtDNA Markers for Identification of Moxostoma Species in Ontario Rivers.

Reid, S. and C. Wilson.

15)  A Multi-Proxy Paleolimnological Assessment of Long-Term Population Dynamics in the Endangered Snake River Sockeye Salmon (Onchorynchus nerka) Returning to Redfish Lake, Idaho.

Selbie, D., B. Lewis, B.F. Finney and J.P. Smol

16)  Diel and Interhabitat Movement of Radio-Tagged Atlantic Salmon Parr in Winter.

Robertson, M., J.R. Kelso, and F.W.H. Beamish.

16)  Drought Variability in the North American Great Plains During the Last 1500 Years.

St. Jacques, J.M., B.F. Cumming, K.R. Laird and J.P.Smol

17)Historical Changes in the Fish Communities of the Kawartha Lakes, Ontario.

Robillard, M and M.G. Fox.


18)  Community Composition and Stable Isotope Analysis of Pond Food Webs in the Whooping Crane Nesting Area.

Sotiropoulos, M., W. Tonn, and L. Wassenaar


19)  The Importance of Rainbow Smelt in the Diets of Landlocked Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) and Walleye (Stizostedion vitreum) in Lake Saint-Jean.

Tremblay, G., M. Legault and P. Sirois.


20)  Seasonal Variation in the Catches of Smallmouth Bass (Micropterus dolomieui) and Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens) in NORDIC Multimesh Gill Nets.

Tyler Tunney, Tom Kleinboeck, Ed Snucins and John Gunn.


21)  Variation of Life History and Behaviour of Three Introduced Lake Herring Populations Derived From a Single Stock.

Vascotto, K., B. Shuter and D. Jackson


22)  Mitochondrial Phylogeography Among Great Lakes Populations of the Deepwater Sculpin, Myoxocephalus thompsoni.

Wilson, C., N. Mandrak, J. Casselman, and N.R. Lovejoy.


23)  Reducing the Risk of Aquatic Species Invasions Via Biological Supply Shipments.

Wonham, M.