CCFFR-2003 - Westin Ottawa Hotel -  02 - 05 January 2003 - Programme Details
EVENING: Thursday, 2 January 2003
18:00 - 21:00 Registration / Inscription  and Social Mixer / Cocktail  and Poster Installation / Installation des Affiches
MORNING: Friday, 3 January 2003
08:15 Program Announcements / Mise à Jour Programme
John Gunn, Program Chair CCFFR, CFEU - Sudbury
08:25 J.C. Stevenson Lecture / Présentation J.C. Stevenson
Dr. John Reynolds:The Biology of Rarity and Extinction Risk in Fishes
09:05 F.H. Rigler Lecture / Présentation par F.H. Rigler
Dr. Derek Muir: Using Remote Lakes To Understand Spatial Trends and Bioaccumaulation of Chemical Pollutants
09:45 -10:00 BREAK
10:00 -12:00 SCL/CCFFR Plenary Session: Protection of Canada's Aquatic Resources.
10:00 -10:40 Dr. David Pearson: St. Barbara Meets St. Andrew: A Geological Perspective on Canadian Lakes
10:40 -11:20 Hugh MacIsaac: Retrospective Analyses of Nonindigenous Species in Canada's Aquatic Ecosystems: A century of disaster?
11:20 -12:00 Mike Jones: Great Lakes - Great Successes - Great Challenges
12:00 -13:20 LUNCH
AFTERNOON: Friday, 3 January 2003    
Confederation Ballroom I
(Cap. # 380)
Confederation Ballroom II
(Cap. # 290)
Provinces Ballroom I
(Cap. # 140)
Confederation Ballroom III
(Cap.# 290)
Provinces Ballroom II
(Cap. # 140)
Theme Percid Biology in a Changing Environment

Chair: George Morgan
 Protection of Canada's Aquatic Resources

Chair: Dave Pearson
Genetics and Use of Genetic Tools

Chair: Chris Wilson
 Impact of Invasive Species

Chair: Hugh MacIsaac
Limnologists and Community Involvement.

Chair: F.R. Pick
13:20-13:40 Effects of Water Quality and Climate Change on Life History Variation of Walleye (Stizostedion vitreum) in Northeastern Ontario.
Ferguson, L.D.
Freshwater Fish Species at Risk in Canada: Current Status, Protection and Causes of Decline.
Mandrak, N.
Improving Natural Disease Resistance in Farmed Chinook Salmon, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha, Using Marker-Assisted Selection.
Docker, M.F., M. Nurse, C.R. Busch, and D.D. Heath
An Ounce of Prevention or a Pound of Cure: Bioeconomic Risk Analysis of Invasive Species.
Brian Leung, David M. Lodge, David Finnoff, Jason F. Shogren, Mark A. Lewis, Gary Lamberti
Stranger in a Strange Land: The Importance of Limnology in Arid Regions.
P.R. Leavitt
13:40-14:00 Effects of Thermal History and Fish Community on Walleye Growth.
Marshall, T.R., and K.B. Armstrong 
Seasonal Effects of Suspended Sediment on the Behaviour of Atlantic Salmon Parr.
Robertson, M.J., D.A. Scruton, and J.A. Brown
Mitochondrial and Microsatellite DNA Variation Among Brook Trout Populations from Lake Superior.
Stott, W, and M.K. Burnham-Curtis.
Invasional Meltdown in Aquatic Ecosystems: Patterns, Impacts and Implications.
Ricciardi, A.
Community Monitoring Programs for Nearshore Phosphorus and Bacteria.
M. Logan, Hutchinson, N.J., S.A. Miller, M. Casey and D. Cummings
14:00-14:20 Among-Female Variation in Walleye Egg Quality: A Review.
Johnston, T.A.
Influence of Current and Projected Chemical and Physical Attributes on Macroinvertebrates and Fish Communities of Small Acid-Sensitive Ontario Lakes.
Weeber, R.W., S.W. Bowman and D.K. McNicol
A Genetic Investigation of Hybridization Between Cutthroat and Rainbow Trout.
Bettles, C.M., M.F. Docker, B. Dufour, D.D. Heath
Positive Interactions Among Mudflat Invaders: Does Facilitation Lead to " Invasional Meltdown"?
Wonham, M., C.Harley ,, and M. O'Connor 
The Collection of Total Phosphorus Samples Using Volunteers - Problems with Protocols and a Challenge with Interpretations.
Clark, B.J.
14:20-14:40 Male Condition and Sperm Characteristics of Walleye (Stizostedion vitreum) From Five Lakes Across Central Canada.
Casselman, S.. and R. Montgomerie.
Relationship Between Large Woody Debris and Juvenile Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) Habitat In Small Boreal Forest Streams of The Upper Yukon River.
Mossop, B and M.J. Bradford
Genetic Evidence of Adaptive Radiation in a Continental Island Lake.
D. Roy, M. Docker, P. Hehanussa, G.S. Haffner, and D. Heath
Viability of Resting Eggs Collected From Residual Sediments in NOBOB Vessels.
Bailey, S. A., I.C. Duggan, C.D.A. van Overdijik and H.J. MacIssac.
Who Takes Care of the River? Experiences with a Community Initiative - The Rideau River Roundtable.
Pick, F.R. and P.B. Hamilton
14:40-15:00 Optimal Foraging and Growth Efficiencies of Walleye.
Henderson, B.A. G.E. Morgan, and A. Vaillancourt.
The Effects of Long-Term Changes in Climate and Water Level on Recruitment and Abundance of Northern Pike (Esox lucius) in Lake Ontario.
John M. Casselman and Jason Dietrich
  Invasive Species - October 2002 report by the Office of the Auditor General.
Eimer Sim
Panel Discussion on Community Involvement
F.R. Pick - organizer
Theme Percid Biology in a Changing Environment
Chair: George Morgan
Protection of Canada's Aquatic Resources
Chair: Dave Pearson
Survival, Growth and Trophic Interactions
Chair: Perce Powles
Impact of Invasive Species
Chair: Hugh MacIssac
Forestry, Fire and Climate
Chair: J. Rusak
15:20-15:40 Life History Based Estimation of Maximum Exploitation Rates for Walleye Fisheries.
Nigel Lester and Brian Shuter.
A New Dissolved Oxygen Criterion for the Protection of Lake Trout Habitat: Linking Physiological Requirements to Recruitment and Productive Capacity.
Evans, D.O.
Survival Consequences of Sex-Biased Patterns in Seasonal Growth.
Jeffery A. Hutchings.
Genetics of a Failed Invasion Event: Mytilus in Georgia Strait, BC.
Yanick, J.F. and D.D. Heath
A Review of Riparian Management Guidelines in Canada.
Linkewich, A. and E.E. Prepas
15:40-16:00 Do Characteristics of the Prey Community Affect the Bioenergetics, Growth or Life History of Walleye, (Stizostedion vitreum).
La Rose, J., N. Collins, N. Lester, B.A. Henderson  and G.E. Morgan.
The Role of Science in Establishing a Marine Protected Area (MPA) in Gilbert Bay, Labrador.
Morris, C. and J. Simms
Bioenergetic Tradeoff: Efficiently Exploiting Local Habitats or Large-Scale Environmental Heterogeneity.
Morinville, G.R., and J.B. Rasmussen
The Impacts of Bythotrephes longimanus on the Crustacean Zooplankton Communities of Ontario Inland Lakes.
Stephanie A. Boudreau, and Norman D. Yan ,
Effects of Forest Harvesting on Mercury Contamination in Fish.
Juillet, I., R. Carignan and M. Belanger
16:00-16:20 Ecological Change in Lake Erie: Patterns in Stable Isotope Signature of Rainbow Smelt, Osmerus mordax, Yellow Perch, Perca flavescens, and Walleye, Stizostedion vitreum.
Johnson, T.B. and B. A. Henderson
Determination of Shortnose Sturgeon (Ancipenser brevirostrum), Spawning Date and Location in the Saint John River, NB.
Litvak, M.K., J. Crossman, A. Giberson, R. Hardy and R.M. Browne.
From Individuals to Populations: Risk-Taking by Prey Fish Mediates Mortality in Whole-System Experiments.
Biro, P.A., Post, J. R., and Parkinson, E.A.
Primary Production in Dreissenid Infested Lake Erie (East Basin)
Depew. D, R.E.H. Smith, S.J. Guilford, and M.N. Charlton
Impact of Experimental Catchment Harvesting on Biomass and Size Structure of Zooplankton in Northwestern Ontario.
Methot, G., B. Pinel-Alloul, and R.J. Steedman
16:20-16:40 Hatchery Impacts on Genetic Variation in Walleye (Stizostedion vitreum).
Cena, C., D.D. Heath.
An Experimental Approach to Determining the Relationship Between Atmospheric Mercury Deposition and Mercury Levels in Freshwater Fish. Orihel. D.P. Blanchfield, M. Paterson, H. Hintelmann and C. Gilmour. The Effect Yellow Perch on the Trophic Position and Resource Use of Brook Trout: A Possible Depensatory Interaction.
David R. Browne and Joseph B. Rasmussen
Are Dreissenids Responsible for the Recent Increase of Potentially Toxic Cyanobacterial Species in Lake Erie.
Ghadouani, Anas and Ralph E.H. Smith
A Comparison of the Effects of Wildfire on Phosphorus and Inorganic Nitrogen Export in Streams Draining Watersheds on the Western Boreal Plain.
Prepas, E., S. Pinder, M. Serediak and J. Burke
16:40-17:00 Long Term Trends and Recent Efforts to Rehabilitate the Lake Nipissing Walleye Fishery.
Richard Rowe
Forecasting Age-Specific Pacific Salmon Recruitment in a Changing Environment.
Holt, C. and R. Peterman.
Temperature Effects on Population Dynamics of Yellow Perch.
Purchase, C.F., N.C. Collins, B.A. Henderson, and G.E. Morgan
A Comparison of Bythotrephes Abundance and Biology from 16 Canadian Shield Lakes.
Young, J.D. and N.D. Yan
Timing of Lake Stratification in Clear and Coloured Lakes.
Patrick, K., J. Gunn, M. Futter and E. Snucins
17:00 - 17:20 Optional Optional Optional Optional Climate Warming Impacts on Water Temperatures and Zooplankton Dynamics.
Rusak, J.A., T.K. Kratz, B.J. Benson, P.M. Montz, T.M. Meinke and S.R. Carpenter
17:00 - 19:00 "OFFICIAL" poster session in Confederation-III Hall. Authors should attend their posters during this time (it is, after all, where the bar will be located!) 
17:30-18:15 CCFFR Business Meeting
Location to be announced
SCL Business Meeting
Location to be announced
MORNING: Saturday, 4 January 2003        
Confederation Ballroom I
(Cap. # 380)
Confederation Ballroom II
(Cap. # 290)
Provinces Ballroom I
(Cap. # 140)
Confederation Ballroom III
(Cap.# 290)
Provinces Ballroom II
(Cap. # 140)
Theme Studies of Aquatic Biodiversity at a Landscape Scale

Chair: Warren Dunlop
Improvements in Sampling Methods

Chair: Ed Snucins
Stream Salmonids

Chair: Jordan Rosenfeld 
Response of Algal Communities to Natural and Anthropogenic Disturbances of Lakes and Streams I.
Co-Chairs: Jenny Winter and Antonella Cattaneo
Spatial Patterns and/or Trophic Dynamics.

Chair: C. Ramcharan
08:30 - 08:50 Comparative Regional Assessment of Factors Impacting Freshwater Fish Resources In Canada.
Minns, C.K., C.Chu, and N.E. Mandrak
Habitat-Specific Abundance, Biomass, and Production Estimates Using Underwater Line Transects.
Pratt, T.C.
Demographics of an Over-Exploited Bull Trout Population
Fiona D. Johnston and John R. Post.
Long-Term Algal Monitoring Programmes in Ontario.
Winter, J., J.L. Heintsch and L. Nakamoto.
Effects of Spatial Processes in Lakes on Trophic Interactions.
Sprules, W.G. and A. Blukacz
08:50 - 09:10 A Hierarchical Understanding and Prediction of Fish Species Distributions in Ontario.
Olden, J.D.  and N. E. Mandrak
Improving Sampling Protocol for Nearshore Lakefish Communities.
Hirst, C.N. and D. A. Jackson
The Effect of Food Abundance on Territory Size and Abundance of Juvenile Steelhead Trout (Oncorhynshuc mykiss)
Imre, I., J.W. A. Grant, and E.R. Keeley.
Resilience of Benthic Algal Associations in a Boreal Forest Lake Recovering from Acidification.
M. A. Turner, D. L Findlay, H. Baulch, E. M. Watkins, L. L. Hendzel, and D. McNicol. 
Proximate Factors Influencing the Spatial Distribution of a High Altitude Copepod: Hesperodiaptomus shoshone.
Marszalek, M.A. and E.J. Maly
09:10 - 09:30 Assessing the Role of Biogeography, Instream Habitat and Watershed Features in Structuring Southern Ontario Stream Fish Communities.
Gibson, S.F., and D.A. Jackson and C.K. Minns
Calibrating an Index Fishing Method: How many Lake Trout (Salvelinus namaycush) are in the lake?
T. Janoscik, N. Lester, and N. Collins
Estimating Spatially Explicit Growth Rate Potential For Juvenile Trout in a Coastal Stream
Rosenfeld, Jordan.
Changes in Climate and Forest Fires Over the Past Two-Hundred Years Along a North -South Transect in British Columbia.
Enache, M and B.F. Cumming
Distribution Patterns of Hesperodiaptomus shoshone and Leptodiaptomus coloradensis and its effect on their mating and reproductive success.
Salas, M.P. and E.J. Maly
09:30 - 09:50 Characterizing Aquatic Diversity In The Great Lakes Watershed.
Gordon A. Wichert.
The Nordic Method: A New Tool For Fish Community Assessment in Ontario's Boreal Shield Lakes.
Snucins, E.
Variations in the Quality of Organic Matter Supporting Stream Food Webs.
Richardson, J.S. and M.D. McArthur
Phytoplankton Community Response To Water Quality Changes Following Watershed Perturbatoins by Wildfire and Logging.
Planas, D. and S. Pacquet 
Can Herbivorous Zooplankton Control Algal Biomass?
Ramcharan, C.W. and N.D. Yan
09:50 - 10:10 Quantifying Area Occupied by Fish Populations.
Shepard, T. and M. Litvak
Comparisons Between Hydroacoustics and Traditional Sampling Gear - Do We Still Need To Touch The Fish?
Lars G. Rudstam
Spawning Behaviour and Fertilization Success of Male Atlantic Salmon of Farmed and Wild Origin.
Weir, L.K., J.A. Hutchings, I.A. Fleming and S. Einum
Response of the Phytoplankton Anabaena flos-aquae and Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata to exposure to UVB and Extra-cellular Oxidants.
Molot, L.A., S.A. Miller and P.J. Dillon
The Impact of Allochthonous Carbon on Zooplankton Community in Large Reservoirs Revealed by Stable Isotopes Analyses.
Marty, J. and D. Planas
  Studies of Aquatic Biodiversity at a Landscape Scale

Chair: Warren Dunlop
Stream Ecology

Chair: Allan Curry
Bioenergtic Models

Chair: Tim Johnson
Response of Algal Communities to Natural and Anthropogenic Disturbances of Lakes and Streams I.
Co-Chairs: Jenny Winter and Antonella Cattaneo 

Chair: A. Cooper
10:30 - 10:50 Multiscale Spatial Distribution of Littoral Fish Assemblages in Relation to Environmental Factors.
Brind' Amour, A. and Boisclair, D.
The Effect of Cloud Cover on the Development of Habitat Quality Indices for Juveniles of Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar).
Girard, P, Boisclair, D and Leclerc, M
Evaluating Bioenergetic Activity Costs In Yellow Perch Populations Using the Mercury Mass Balance Model.
Rennie, M.D., Collins, N.C. Henderson, B. and Shuter, B.
A Bloom of Plantktothrix rubescens in Lake Wilcox, Ontario, probably induced by a Lake Restoration Technique.
Nurnberg, G.K. and B.D. LaZerte.
The Influence of Biotic and Abiotic Factors on Zooplankton Community Recovery from Acidification.
Binks, J., S.E. Arnott, and W.G. Sprules
10:50 - 11:10 Ontogenetic Habitat Shifts Between Lakes by the Pigmy Pikeminnow of South Central British Columbia.
Taylor, N and C. Walters
Individual Variability in Activity Patterns of Juvenile Atlantic Salmon in Catamaran Brook, New Brunswick. Breau C., L.K. Weir and J. W. A. Grant Stable Isotope Measurements as Indicators of Diet Shifts in a Lake Trout (Salvelinus namaycush) Population in an Oligotrophic Adirondack Lake.
Lepak, J.L. and C.E. Kraft.
Effects of Low Dissolved Inorganic Carbon Concentrations on Cyanobacterial Growth and Toxin Production.
Chen, H., E.E. Prepas and P.M. Fedorak. 
The Influence of Macro-Invertebrate Predators on the Recovery of Zooplankton Communities in Swan Lake, Sudbury, ON.
Cooper, A. and S.E. Arnott 
11:10 - 11:30 Applying Landscape Genetic Tools to Aquatic Resource Management.
Chris Wilson
Spatial Ecology Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) in Small Precambrian Shield Streams in South-Central Ontario.
Wooton, B.C. , D.O. Evans , C.C. Wilson
Development of a Bioenergetics Model for the Round Goby (Neogobius melanostomus)
Lee, V.A. and T. B. Johnson
Effects of Changing Water Levels on Epiphyte Biomass and Productivity in a Large Fluvial Lake.
Vis, C., C. Hudon and R. Carignan. 
The Effects of Intra-Annual pH Fluctuations on Recovering Zooplankton Communities in Swan Lake, Sudbury, Ontario.
Dawson, A. and S.E. Arnott. 
11:30 - 11:50 Evidence for Genetically Distinct Anadromous and Non-anadromous Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) in Wild and Introduced Populations.
Adams, B.K. and J.A. Hutchings
Identification of an Upstream Source of Contamination on The Saint John River Near Clair, New Brunswick.
Brasfield, S., B. Galloway, M. Gray, L. Peters, A. Curry, K. Munkittrick
Cost of Swimming in Turbulent Flow of Wild, Farmed, and Domesticated Juvenile Atlantic Salmon.
Enders, E.C. , D. Boisclair, and A.G. Roy 
The Response of Algae Attached to Mosses and Gravel to Changes in Stream Water Level.
Zakhodnova, T. and A. Cattaneo. 
Body Size, Clutch Size, and Egg Size Relationships Among Freshwater Calanoid Copepods.
Maly, E.J. and T. Kelly
Confederation Ballroom I
(Cap. # 380)
Confederation Ballroom II
(Cap. # 290)
Provinces Ballroom I
(Cap. # 140)
Confederation Ballroom III
(Cap.# 290)
Provinces Ballroom II
(Cap. # 140)
Theme Biodiversity in Canada "30th anniversary of the Freshwater Fishes of Canada"
Chair: Nicholas Mandrak

Chair: Patrice Couture
Trophic Interactions

Chair: Bill Tonn
Impacts of Multiple Stressor Interactions on Aquatic Ecosystems

Chair: Shelley Arnott
Nutrients and Water Quality

Chair: A. Paterson+F66
13:20-13:40 Introduction & Keynote Speakers:
Bill and Dick Beamish
Retinol Cone Topography in Cyprinid Fishes Following Exposure to Retinoic Acid or Thyroid Hormone.
Cheng, C. and I. Novales Flamarique
Can Northern Pike Affect Macroinvertebrates? Effects of an Introduction on a Fishless, Boreal Plains Lake.
Venturelli, P. and W. Tonn
Multiple Stressors and the Invisible Collapse of Recreational Fisheries.
Post, J.R.
Limnology, Plumbing and Planning: Nutrient-based Limits to Shoreline Development in Precambrian Shield Watersheds.
Hutchinson, N.
13:40-14:00 Introduction & Keynote Speakers:
Bill and Dick Beamish
Metabolic Capacities as Potential Biomarkers of Metal Contamination in Percid Populations.
James W. Rajotte and Patrice Couture
Food Availability: Does it Affect Intra- and Interspecific Competition Among Juvenile Shortnose Sturgeon (Ancipenser brevirostrum) and Atlantic Sturgeon (A. oxyrhynchus)?
Giberson, A.V. and M.K. Litvak
Complex, Long-Term Changes in Mean Cladoceran Body Size in Dorset Lakes: Effects of an Invader, De-Acidification and Nutrients?
Yan, N.D., R. Girard, P.J. Dillon
Estimating Pre-Development Hypolimnetic Oxygen in Canadian Shield Lakes: Comparing Theoretical and Paleolimnological Inferences.
Paterson, A.M., R. Quinlan, J.P. Smol, B.J. Clark and P.J. Dillon
14:00-14:20 Pacific Region:

Chair: J. McPhail
Effects of Reduced pH on Chemical Alarm Signals in Salmonid Fishes: Laboratory and Field Results.
Leduc, A. and G. Brown
Fish Community Response to Removal of Naturalized Smallmouth Bass in an Oligotrophic Lake.
Brian C. Weidel, Clifford E. Kraft, and Daniel C. Josephson
Mulitple Stressor Effects: A New Direction For Research In Northeastern Ontario.
Jocelyne Heneberry, Bill Keller and John Gunn
Phosphorus Transport in a Polluted Laurentian Watershed (Lac Connelly, Quebec).
Crago, C., and R. Carignan
14:20-14:40 Changes in the Fish Faunas of the Watersheds of the Prairies and Southern Hudson Bay: 1973 to the Present.
William G. Franzin, Kenneth W. Stewart, and Joseph S. Nelson
The Physiological Ecology of Parental Care in Centrarchid Fishes.
Cooke, S.J., J.F. Schreer, P.J. Weatherhead, D.H. Wahl, and D.P. Philipp
Double-Crested Cormorant Predation and the Population Dynamics of Walleye and Yellow Perch.
Lars G. Rudstam, Anthony J. VanDeValk, Connie M. Adams, Jeremy T.H. Coleman, John L. Forney, Milo E. Richmond
Does Resistance Depend on Species Co-Tolerance in Multiple-Stressed Aquatic Ecosystems?
Vinebrooke, R.D, K. Cottingham, J. Norberg, S.I. Dodson, M. Scheffer, U. Sommer, and S.C. Marberly 
 The Impacts of Sewage Discharge on Canadian Waters.
 Chambers, P.A. and M. Guy
14:40-15:00 Changes in the Freshwater Fish Fauna of Artic Canada: 1973 to Present.
Reist, J.D.  and N.E. Mandrak
Physiological Changes In Largemouth Bass During Angling Tournaments.
Suski, C.D., S.S. Killen, and B.L. Tufts.
Time Since Invasion, Lake Productivity, and Lake Size as Determinants of the Effect of Rainbow Smelt (Osmerus mordax) on Mercury Dynamics in Boreal Lakes.Swanson,
H.K., Johnston, T.A., Schindler, D.W. Cunjak, R.A. Bodaly, R.A., and D.M. Whittle
Changes in Sockeye Salmon Nursey Lakes on the West Coast of Vancouver Island Over the Last ~250 Years - Paleolimnology as a Tool For Assessing Historic Salmon Populations and Watershed Disturbances.
Holtham, A.J., Pellatt, M., Smol, J.P.
  Biodiversity in Canada "30th anniversary of the Freshwater Fishes of Canada"

Chair: Nicholas Mandrak

Chair: Christine Brereton
Fisheries Science

Chair: Patrice Couture
Impacts of Multiple Stressor Interactions on Aquatic Ecosystems

Chair: Shelley Arnott
Limnology: Bioassessment, Reservoirs, CO2, Climate, phosphorus, and Aquaculture

Chair: J. Hudson
15:20-15:40 Changes in the Fish Fauna of the Canadian Lakes Basin: 1973-present
Nicholas E. Mandrak
 The Mating Behaviour of Atlantic Cod.
Rowe, S. and J.A. Hutchings.
The Use of Stable Isotope Analysis to Define Site Fidelity in Slimy Sculpin (Cottus cognatus).
Gray, M.A. , R.R. Doucett, R.A. Cunjak, and K.R. Munkittrick.
Increases in Food Web Cadmium Following Reductions in Atmospheric Inputs to Some Lakes.
Croteau, M.-N., L. Hare and A. Tessier
Determining the Impacts of Golf Course Development on the Benthic Macroinvertebrate Communities in Streams on the Precambrian Shield.
Schulenburg, J.C., P.J. Dillon, K.M. Somers, J.G. Winter, R.A. Reid and C. Paterson
15:40-16:00 Distribution of Freshwater Fishes in Atlantic Canada
R. Allen Curry
Spermatozoa Swimming Characteristics and Fertilization Success For Shortnose Sturgeon (Ancipenser brevirostrum) and Atlantic Sturgeon (A. oxyrhynchus) From the Saint John River, New Brunswick: Can One Male Do The Job of Many?
Browne, R. M. and M. K. Litvak.
A Spatially-Explicit, Habitat-Based Modelling Approach for Yellow Perch Populations.
Doka, S.E. and C.K. Minns
The Effects of an Invasive Invertebrate Predator, Bythotrephes longimanus, on zooplankton Communities in Lakes Recovering From Acidification
Strecker, A. and S. Arnott
CO2 Fluxes from Natural Lakes and Hydroelectric Reservoirs in Canada.
Tremblay, A., M. Lambert and L. Varfalvy
16:00-16:20 Concluding Remarks:
Mandrak, Scott and Crossman
Using quantitative Analyses of Movement to Characterise Individual Movement Behaviour in a Large Marine Predator, the Grey Seal, Halichoerus grypus. Deborah Austin, W.D. Bowen, J.I. McMillan and C.A. Beck Description of rates of Angling Pressure and Population Responses on a Previously Unexploited Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Population.
van Poorten, B.T. and J.R. Post.
Naphthenic Acids and Major Ions: Multiple Stressors on Phytoplankton Communities in Northern Alberta's Oil Sands Region.
Hayes, T.M.E. and R.E.H. Smith
Bacterial Communities and their Relationships to Phytoplankton Production and Dissolved Organic Carbon in Hydroelectric Reservoirs of Different Ages, Central Quebec.
Tadonleke, R., D. Planas and M. Lucotte
16:20-16:40   Seasonal White Sucker Movements in the Saint John River, New Brunswick, Canada.
Chad A. Doherty , R.A. Curry  and K.R. Munkittrick .
Why ar Salmon Eggs Red?-- Egg carotenoids and Early Life Disease Resistance in Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha).
Tyndale, S.T. , Letcher, R.  and Heath, D.D.
Investigation of the Impacts of Agricultural Stressors on Sculpin Populations.
Gray, M.A., R.A. Curry, and K.R. Munkittrick
Turnover of Plankton Communities Conforms to Q10 of 2.
Hudson, J.
16:40 - 17:00   Does Swimming Demand Induce Phenotypic Divergence? Patterns in Morphological Integration Within and Between Two Charr Species.
Peres-Neto, P.R. and P. Magnan
Primary Environmental Survey on Ecological Aspects of Haraz River in North of Iran.
Zorriehzahra, M.E.J.
Blue Mussel Leukemia in Pictou Harbour, Nova Scotia.
Sylvie St. Jean and Carol L. Reinisch
Linking the Fate of Aquaculture Associated Chemicals to Organic Matter Cycling in Aquatic Systems.
DeBruyn, A.M.H. and F.A.P.C. Gobas
17:00 - 17:20 Optional Prediction of Daily Food Consumption Using Mechanistic Model: Tests and Correlation Factors.
Burton, F. et D. Boisclair.
  The Role of Ultra-violet Radiation (UVR) on the Quality and Quantity of Dissolved Organic Matter From the Eastern Basin of Lake Erie.
Ngan Diep
Morning, Sunday, 5 January 2003        
Confederation Ballroom I
(Cap. # 380)
Confederation Ballroom II
(Cap. # 290)
Provinces Ballroom I
(Cap. # 140)
Confederation Ballroom III
(Cap.# 290)
Provinces Ballroom II
(Cap. # 140)
Theme Impacts and Adaptation of Fish and Fisheries to Climate Change
Chair: Kim Hyatt
Habitat I

Chair: Michael Fox 
CCFFR - Open CCFFR - Open  Response of Algal Communities to Natural and Anthropogenic Disturbances of Lakes and Streams II.
Co-Chairs: Jenny Winter and Antonella Cattaneo
08:30 - 08:50 Climate Impacts on Life History Events of Two Southern British Columbia Sockeye Salmon Populations and Options for Adaptive Management in the Face of Future Climate Change.
Kim Hyatt
Spotted Bass Cover Structure Use in an Experimental Stream.
Proboszcz, S. and C. Guy.
    Dissolved Oxygen and the Photosynthesis:Respiration Balance in Lake Erie (Eastern Basin).
Wang, X. and R.E. Smith
08:50 - 09:10 Paleolimnological Records of Sockeye Salmon Abundance and Climate Change from Kodiak Island, Alaska: A Long-Term Perspective to Assessing the Impacts of Past Climate Variability on Fish.
Sweetman, J., Gregory-Eaves, R. , Finney, B., and Smol, J.
Spatial and Temporal Examination of Water Quality and Fish Community Relationships in The Eastern Lake Erie Basin.Sharma,
S., Jackson, D.A. and E.T. Howell
    Formation and Maintenance of Deep Chlorophyll Maxima in Three Laurentian Lakes (Quebec), in Relation to Physiochemical Gradient and Zooplankton Distribution.
Pinel-Alloul, B. and M. Gelinas.
09:10 - 09:30 Defining a Thermal Niche for Lake Trout in Boreal Lakes.
P.J. Blanchfield et al.
Optimal Thermal Optical Habitat Supply For Walleye (Stizistedion vitreum vitreum) Populations in Lake Erie.
Yingming Zhao and Brian J. Shuter
    Relationships Between Zooplankton and Cyanobacteria Along Increasing Cyanobacterial Biomass Gradient in Boreal Alberta Lakes.
Ghadouani, A. and B. Pinel-Alloul and E.E. Prepas.
09:30 - 09:50 Potential Impact of Climate Change on the Incidence of Precocious Maturation in Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha): Relation to Development Rates and Size/Weight Thresholds.
Young, B.W. and D.D. Heath
Production and Spatial Distribution of Walleye (Stizistedion vitreum) Eggs on Rehabilitated and Natural Spawning Sites.
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    Empirical Evidence of the Importance of Pollen Rain to Algal Communities in Boreal Lakes.
Graham, M.D., M.A. Turner, and R.D. Vinebrooke. 
09:50 - 10:10   Habitat Influences on Population Dynamics, Movement and Life History of the Mummichog, Fundulus heteroclitus, in Southern New Jersey Salt Marshes.
Hunter, K.L., Fox, M.G., Able, K.W.
    Response of Periphyton and Phosphorus to Near Shore Land Use in Large Precambrian Shield Lakes.
Hutchinson, N.J., S.A. Miller and M. Logan.
Theme Impacts and Adaptation of Fish and Fisheries to Climate Change

Chair: Kim Hyatt
CCFFR - Open CCFFR - Open CCFFR - Open Response of Algal Communities to Natural and Anthropogenic Disturbances of Lakes and Streams II.
Co-Chairs: Jenny Winter and Antonella Cattaneo
10:30 - 10:50 The Role of Climate Change Variability in the Decline of Northern Cod.
Ken Drinkwater
      Bacteria and Algae in Stream Periphyton: Relationship Between Biomass Production and Instream Water Quality.
Carr, G.M., A. Morin and P.A. Chambers. 
10:50 - 11:10 Impacts of Climate Change on Freshwater Ecosystems and Fish Populations: Lessons from Case Studies of Ontario Lake Trout, Walleye and Smallmouth Bass.
B.J. Shuter
      The Suburbia Paradox, or Why Don't Fish Respond Like Algae and Bugs?
Stephenson, J.M. and A. Morin
11:10 - 11:30 Arctic Aquatic Ecosystem Science: A Missing Component in Canada's Climate Change Action Strategy.
Reist, J.D.
      Ecological Stoichiometry of Periphyton and Grazers in Oligotrophic Rocky Mountain Rivers of Canada.
Bowman, M.F., P.A. Chambers and D.W. Schindler. 
11:30 - 11:50 General Into Conceptual Paper Impacts and Adaptation Framework.
Kim Hyatt
  Optional Optional Empirical Evidence of the Importance of Pollen Rain to Algal Dev+F69elopment of Nutrient Guidelines for Northern Alberta Rivers.
Guy, M. and P.A. Chambers.