CCFFR 2006

5-7 January 2006 - Fairmont Palliser Hotel

Calgary, Alberta

Traditional “Smoker” and registration is planned for Thursday 5 January at 19:00 and the Banquet is scheduled for Friday 6 January at 19:00  both joint with SCL

The major session themes of the 2006 Conference are:

(1)               Ecology and management of large rivers (CCFFR/SCL)

(2)               Linking mountain and prairie freshwaters (CCFFR/SCL)

(3)               Assessing environmental impacts in aquatic ecosystems (CCFFR/SCL)

(4)               Introduced aquatic species and their effects (CCFFR/SCL)

(5)               Recreational Fisheries (CCFFR)

(6)               Climate Change and Multisectoral Water Use Conflicts from a Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Perspective

Unless specifically identified, for all CCFFR themes, both freshwater and marine presentations are encouraged.

Papers addressing the major themes are encouraged, although submission on other themes related to fisheries and aquatic habitat biology are also welcome, and where relevant will be placed into concurrent Contributed Papers sessions.

The DEADLINE for abstracts is October 31, 2005

Graduate students may apply to the Clemens-Rigler Travel Fund. Applications are to be submitted to Rob Mackereth ( by October 31, 2005.

(A) ELECTRONIC abstracts:

1.      Abstracts in electronic form must be submitted by email to the Programme Chair, Allen Curry ( by October 31, 2005 (at the latest).

2.      Make my life easier and email an MS Word (*.doc) version of your abstract.

3.      Abstracts should not exceed 250 words and must be single spaced. Use 12 pt Times Roman font. Do not use bold fonts and titles should be in UPPER CASE.

4.      Ensure you include an email address for the author who intends to make the presentation, and place an asterisk (*) after the name.

5.      Indicate whether the presentation will be oral (O) or poster (P) after the title, if you are willing to present in either format use (O or P).

6.      Please indicate on a separate line after the end of your abstract to which theme (1-5) your presentation is most closely related and if you are a graduate student (GS). If your presentation does not fit any of the session themes, please type "contributed paper".

7.      Use the following as a FORMATTING GUIDE:


(O or P)

Vader*, D. and L. Skywalker. Department of Bioengineering, Jedi University, Mos Eisely, Newfoundland (

Intergenerational differences in phenotypic expression was higher in Tattoine residents. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Theme 4 (GS)

(B) Power Point Presentations:

1.      Power Point is the presentation format (PowerPoint 2002 or later).

2.      Presentations will be uploaded to a computer prior to the start of individual sessions.  Therefore, participants must provide the audio-visual assistant with a copy of their presentation on a Flash-drive or CD at least 3 hours prior to the start of their session to ensure presentations are uploaded correctly.  (bring a back up storage medium just in case).

3.      Projectors will be provided by chair members.