Canadian Conference for Fisheries Research



 a.m.: Review of Fisheries Research Programmes for Various Agencies Across Canada

 p.m.: Physiological Symposium - Lethal Temperatures, Osmotic Regulation, Reactions to Stimulation, Hormones, Salmonid Eggs, Respiration


 a.m.: Fish Poisoning

 p.m.: Fish Shocking


 a.m.-pm: Marking to Study Movements and Populations of Fish


 a.m.: Biology of Plankton (Growth and Competition, Standing Crop, Mineralization)

 p.m.: Role of Research in Fisheries Management


 a.m.: Sensory Perception in Fish (Temperature, Hearing, Odour, Orientation)

 p.m.: Effects of Protective and Regulatory Legislation upon Fisheries


 a.m.: Taxonomy of Fishes (Ciscoes, Charr, Lethal Temperatures, Meristic Characters)

 p.m.: Plantings and Introductions as Fisheries Management Procedures


 a.m.-p.m.: Population Dynamics


 a.m.: Dynamics of the Lake Bottom

 p.m.: Design of Field Experiments


 a.m.: Speciation of Aquatic Organisms

 p.m.: Fisheries and Limnology of the Great Lakes


 a.m.: Tolerance Limits of Freshwater Fish

 p.m.: The Effects on Fisheries of Man made Changes in Fresh Waters


 a.m.: Studies of Fish Behaviour

 p.m.: The Ecology of Lake Trout


 a.m.: Nutrition and Growth of Fishes

 p.m.: Fish Toxicants as a Tool in Fishery Management


 a.m.: Farm Fish Ponds as a Technique of Fishery Management

 p.m.: Biological Aspects of Fish Culture: Hybrids and Selective Breeding


 a.m.: Sensory Mechanisms and Orientation In Fishes

 p.m.: Pollution and its Control


 a.m.: The Energetics of Productivity

 p.m.: Parasites of Fish


 a.m.: Survival Rates of Anadromous Salmon at Successive Life History Stages

 p.m.: Management of Cold Water Fish Populations


 a.m.: Characteristics and Significance of Schooling Behaviour

 p.m.: Factors Governing the Distribution of Fishes


 a.m.: Fluctuation of the Fish Populations in Freshwater

 p.m.: Form and Function in Fishes


 a.m.: Recent Advances in the Physiology of Salmonid Fishes

 p.m.: Productivity of Freshwater


 a.m.: Invertebrates and Production (a) Running Water

 p.m.: Invertebrates and Production (b) Still Water

 a.m.: Introduction of Exotic Species


 1. Natural Eutrophication, J. R. Vallentyne

 2. Application of Survey Techniques to Fisheries Problems, L. Johnson

 3. Contributed Papers, J. E. McInerney


 1. Contributed Papers, J. Eales

 2. Aquaculture, L. Johnson

 3. Pollution and Fish in Canada - Where do we go from here?, J. B. Sprague

 4. Fish Diseases, L. A. McDermott


 1. Arctic Limnology, H. F. Clifford

 2. Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiology in Fishes, R. L. Saunders

 3. Ecology of Walleye, Sauger, and Perch, G. H. Lawler

 4. Contributed Papers, G. Leduc


 1. A Glance Back and Look Ahead, D. P. Dodge

 2. Ecological Research in the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Corridor, G. J. Brunskill

 3. Current Problems in Aquatic Biology - A Potpourri, W. J. Christie

 4. Contributed Papers, T. G. Northcote


 1. Salmo salar Some Views on its Origin and Ecology, G. Power

 2. Salmonid Migration, C. Groot

 3. Overexploitation of Fish Stocks - A View in 1973, J. J. Keleher

 4. Contributed Papers, G. H. Geen


 1. Recent Changes in Fish Populations of the Great Lakes, K. H. Loftus

 2. The Use of Thermal Effluents in Aquaculture, G. I. Pritchard

 3. Problems with the Assessment of the Impact of Dams, I. E. Efford

 4. Contributed Papers, P. A. Dill


 1. Large scale Ecological Issues, H. A. Regier

 2. Rate of Nutrient Supply and Primary Production in Lakes, J. J. Kerekes

 3. Response of Fish to Environmental Change, P. J. Colby

 4. Contributed Papers, C. C. Lindsey


 1. The Physiological Basis of Fish Migration, J. R. Brett

 2. Education of Biologists, J. R. Vallentyne

 3. Optimum Sustained Yield in Canadian Fisheries, W. E. Ricker

 4. Contributed Papers, D. B. Lister


 1. Biology of Juvenile and Larval Fishes, E. K. Balon

 2. The 200 Mile Limit, A. W. May

 3. Biology of Marine Mammals, D. E. Sergeant

 4. Contributed Papers, P. Powles


 1. Potential Effects of Current and Future Agricultural Practices on Water Resources and Fisheries, L. Lockhart

 2. Research on the Matamek River and Its Tributaries in Quebec. An Integrated Study Applied to Trout Salmon Habitat, R. J. Gibson

 3. Environmental Changes and Their Effects on Fish Populations and Fisheries, W. J. Christie

 4. Contributed Papers, G. Pageau


 1. Migrations With a Homogeneous Medium, K. Chang Kue

 2. CCFFR/CSEB Contributed Papers - Concurrent Sessions, R. Hartland Rowe, L. Carbyn

 3. The Athabasca River and Peace Athabasca Delta (all day), S. Smith


 1. Panel - Experimental Management, K. H. Loftus

 2. Symposium - Fisheries, Science, and Academic Ecology, J. MacLean

 3. Panel - Fisheries Bioeconomics: Application of Principles in Economic Management, L. M. Dickie

 4. Contributed Papers, C. Gruchy


 1. Symposium - The Role of Phosphorus in Lake Dynamics, W. D. Leggett, J. Kalff, R. Peters

 2. Contributed Papers, M. H. Keenleyside

 3. Canada's Contributions to Third World Fisheries: Research and Development, H. A. Regier

 4. Panel Discussion on Major Issues, W. H. L. Allsopp, A. Hanson, G. LeBlanc, N. Wilimovsky


 1. Symposium - Early Life History Processes in Fish Population Dynamics, J. Dodson

 2. J. C. Stevenson Memorial Lecture - Power and Evolutionary Fitness, D. Ware

 3. Contributed Papers, D. J. Faber

 4. Symposium - Stock Assessment and Management of Canada's Marine Fisheries, W. G. Doubleday

 5. Contributed Papers


 1. Biology of Arctic Marine Fishes, A. D. Sekerak

 2. J. C. Stevenson Memorial Lecture - Adaptive Flexibility in Foraging Behaviour of Fishes, L. M. Dill

 3. Fish Genetics and Selective Breeding, G. B. Ayles

 4. Contributed Papers, B. A. McKeown

 5. Acid Rain and Canadian Fish Stocks, H. H. Harvey


 1. Symposium - Complexity and Variability in Natural Populations, R. K. Mohn

 2. J. C. Stevenson Memorial Lecture - Towards Dynamic Biological Oceanography and Limnology, L. Legendre

 3. Symposium - Biological Basis for the Management of Marine Invertebrates, G. S. Jamieson

 4. Symposium - Evolutionary Biology of Fishes, D. Roff

 5. Contributed Papers, D. Hay


 1. Symposium - Predator Prey Interactions and Their Effects on Prey Stocks, G. R. Lilly

 2. J. C. Stevenson Memorial Lecture - Fleet Dynamics and Individual Variation: Why Some People Catch More Fish Than Others, R. Hilborn

 3. Contributed Papers, J. Carscadden

 4. Effect of Abiotic Factors on Fish Population Dynamics, K. Frank

 5. Contributed Papers, R. Haedrich


 1. Symposium - Habitat Selection and its Relation to Fisheries, D. L. Kramer

 2. Contributed Papers, D. L. Kramer

 3. Symposium - Quantitative Genetics and its Application to Aquaculture and Fisheries, J. D. McPhail

 4. Contributed Papers, D. L. Kramer


 1. Programme Chair, M. Healey

 2. J. C. Stevenson Memorial Lecture - Causes of Recruitment Variations in Marine Fish: Dogma vs Data, W.C. Leggett

 3. Contributed Papers: Climate and Oceanography and Its Effects on Fisheries, M. Healey

 4. Contributed Papers: Ecology and Population Dynamics of Forage Species, L. Richards

 5. Contributed Papers: No Theme, C. Levings

 6. Symposium - The Biology of Little Known and Unusual Canadian Fishes, J. Schweigert

 7. Contributed Papers Session: No Theme, G. Geen


 1. Programme Chair , K. T. Frank

2. J. C. Stevenson Memorial Lecture - A space & time-scale characterization of circulation and mixing on submarine Banks: application to the Northwestern Atlantic continental shelf, J. W. Loder

 3. Theme Session: Ecotones and Edge Effects in the Zoogeography of Marine and Freshwater Communities, C. T. Taggart

 4. Theme Session: Size Dependent Process in Fish Production Systems, S. Kerr

 5. Contributed Papers

 6. Theme session - Methodological frontiers in fisheries science, S. Campana


 1. Programme Chair, L. Fortier

 2. J. C. Stevenson Memorial Lecture - Chemical Effects on Fish and Fisheries - Is There a Cause for Concern?, P. V. Hodson

 3. Theme Session: Measuring the Health of Fisheries Habitats, W. Silvert, R. Trites

 4. Theme Session: Oceanographic Aspects of Aquaculture, M. Fréchette

 5. Contributed Papers: General Session, P. Magnan

 6. Contributed Papers: Measuring the Health of Fisheries Habitat, C. Hudon

 7. Contributed Papers: Environmental Control of Freshwater and Marine Production in Relation to Fisheries, J. Gagné

 8. Joint Session CCFFR/SCL: Environmental Control of Freshwater and Marine Production in Relation to Fisheries, J. Kalff, L. Fortier

 9. CCFFR/SCL Banquet Address: The Living Coelacanth A Fiftieth Anniversary Reflection, E. K. Balon


 1. Programme Chairs, B. Shuter, P. Powles

 2. J. C. Stevenson Memorial Lecture - Statistical Power Analysis Can Improve Fisheries Research and Management, R. M. Peterman

 3. Theme Session: Marine Survival in Fishes, A. Tyler, J. Gagné, C. T. Taggart

 4. Theme Session: Common Statistical Problems in Fisheries Research and What to do About Them, E. A. Trippel, J. J. Hubert

 5. Contributed Papers: Marine Survival, C. T. Taggart, H. Harvey

 6. Contributed Papers: H. Harvey, P. Powles

 7. Contributed Papers: Statistics and Expert Systems, D. Jackson, E. Crossman

 8. Contributed Papers: E. Crossman, M. Fox

 9. Theme Session: Computer Aided Decision Making in Aquatic Resource Management, C. K. Minns

 10. CCFFR/SCL Banquet Address: Cetaceans of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, R. Sears


 1. Programme Chair, E. K. Balon

 2. J. C. Stevenson Memorial Lecture - Maladaptation of Fish in Hatcheries, M. R. Gross

 3. Theme Session 1: Biodiversity At and Below the Species Level, M. Ferguson, J. Leatherland, G. Van Der Kraak

 4. Theme Session 2: Sustainable Fisheries, J. Christie, D. Noakes, D. Stevens

 5. General Contributed Papers and Posters, M. A. Ali, W. Beamish


 1. Programme Chair, S. Campana

 2. J. C. Stevenson Memorial Lecture - Accounting of Year Classes, K. T. Frank

 3. Theme Session 1: Large Scale Environmental Effects on Fish Survival and Abundance, J. Neilson

 4. Theme Session 2: Role of the Early Life History Stage in Population Dynamics, C. Chambers

 5. Theme Session 3: Migration, Mixing, and Dispersal in Fish and Invertebrate Stocks, T. Lambert

 6. General Contributed Papers and Posters, G. Rose, S. J. Smith, P. Pepin, D. Boisclair

 7. CCFFR/SCL Banquet: Oysters, Nile Perch and Fisherfolk Canada's Support for Fisheries Research in Africa, H. Powles


 1. Programme Chair, D. Boisclair

 2. J. C. Stevenson Memorial Lecture - Towards an Integrated Approach for the Assessment of Anthropogenic Stress in Aquatic Ecosystems, D. G. Dixon

 3. Theme Session 1: Energy Allocation Patterns and Strategies, Ranging from the Individual to the Community Level, P. Magnan

 4. Theme Session 2: Spatial and Temporal Distributions: Methodology, Patterns and Ecological Implications, G. Rose

 5. General Contributed Papers and Posters, M. Fox, J. Post, S. Kerr, R. McLaughlin

6. CCFFR/SCL Banquet Address: On Eating, Love-Making and Other Coelacanth's Pleasures, or How to Study a Beast with More Individuals Pickled than Alive, E. K. Balon


 1. Programme Chair, R. J. F. Smith

 2. J. C. Stevenson Memorial Lecture - Elemental Analysis, Lasers and Otoliths: The Key to Understanding Fish Population Dynamics? , S. Campana

 3. F. Rigler Lecture - Science and Practice in Limnology, E. E. Prepas

 4. Joint Session SCL and CCFFR - Structure and Function of Pelagic Ecosystems, A. Mazumder

 5. Theme Session 1: Novel Approaches to Fish Bioenergetics, J. R. Post, C. Briggs, D. Boisclair

 6. Theme Session 2: Aquatic Habitat Manipulation, W. K. Liaw, R. Schryer

 7. Theme Session 3: Arctic and Northern Fisheries, J. D. Reist

 8. General Contributed Papers and Posters:

 a) Photoreception, Diel Cycles, and Growth Location, M. A. Ali, T. A. Marchant

 b) Reproduction, Foraging, and Predation Location, G. Brown, B. Wisenden

 c) Fisheries and Toxicology, M. Fox

 9. CCFFR/SCL Banquet Address: Footprints Before the Flood: Incidences in the Study of Fossil Vertebrate Footprints in 19th Century Britain, W. A. S. Sarjeant


 1. Programme Chair, P. Magnan

 2. J. C. Stevenson Memorial Lecture - none,

 3. F. Rigler Lecture - A Window on the Past: Environmental Change and Paleolimnology, J. P. Smol

 4. Joint Session SCL and CCFFR - Transfer and effects of persistent contaminants in aquatic food chains, J. Rasmussen

 5. Theme Session 1: Fish production and climate, C. Chambers

 6. Theme Session 2: Ecological genetics and fisheries management, R. Danzman, J. Dodson

 7. Theme Session 3: The importance of sex-dependent processes in fish populations and fisheries, S. Kerr

 8. Theme Session 4: Biophysical Controls of Pacific Salmon Migration and Production, M.Healey

 9. General Contributed Papers and Posters:

 a) Fish Movements, activity patterns and growth, J. Post

 b) Bioenergetics and Feeding, M. Healey, D. Boisclair

 c) Reproduction, Life History and Interspecific Interactions, M. Fox

 d) Determinants of fish production and fisheries Management , J. Casselman

 10. CCFFR/SCL Banquet Address: The Cyanide Caper: NGO-fisher partnerships for sustainable ecosystems, D. McAllister


 1. Programme Chair, J. Grant

 2. J. C. Stevenson Memorial Lecture - Causes and consequences of the collapse of Atlantic cod: an attempt to separate the grain from the chaff, J. Hutchings

 3. F. Rigler Memorial Lecture - Getting close to the land: from the pelagic zone to the littoral, D. Planas

 4. Joint CCFFR-SCL Session - the land-water interface, J. Gunn

 5. Symposium: Recent advances in the science of aquaculture, M. Litvak

 6. Symposium: Behavioural ecology and fisheries science, D. Noakes

 7. Contributed papers and Posters:

 a) Salmonid ecology, R. Cunjak, J. Gibson

 b) Bioenergetics, D. Boisclair, M. Fox

 c) Fish behaviour, J. Brown, H. Browman

 d) Ecological genetics, J. Dodson

 e) Marine fish ecology, C. Chambers

 f) Fish ecology, M. Rodriquez, T. Johnson

 8. CCFFR/SCL Banquet Address - The state of aquatic research in Canada, R. Peters


Golden Jubilee, 1. Programme Chair, C. T. Taggart

 2. J. C. Stevenson Memorial Lecture - The role of genetic markers in fisheries and aquaculture: useful tools or stamp collecting ?, M. M. Ferguson

 3. F. Rigler Memorial Lecture - Models of metal uptake by aquatic organisms, A. Tessier

 4. Joint CCFFR-SCL Session - Techniques and technology in aquatic sciences: standards, advances, and expectations., C. T. Taggart

 5. Theme session 1 - Ecophysiology and environmental processes: influences on temporal and spatial states of individuals and populations, C. T. Taggart

 6. Theme session 2 - Stock/population structure and dynamic processes for informed decision making, I. Perry

 7. Theme session 3 - Quantifying anthropic effects on fish populations: data and methods., D. Gillis

 8. Special Symposium on recent advances in cod research, L. Fortier

 9. CCFFR/SCL Banquet Address - A 50-year phylogeny of CCFFR through crystal-clear bifocals, P. Powles, W. B. Scott, D. McPhail, R. A. Ryder


 1. Programme Chair R. Green

2. J.C. Stevenson Memorial Lecture - Endogenous and exogenous factors affecting the physiological response to exercise in fish: implications for catch and release sport fisheries, B. Tufts

3. F. Rigler Memorial Lecture - Acid and metal deposition, a changing climate, and exotic invaders: lessons from long-term studies of disturbances in Canadian Shield lakes, N. Yan

 4. Joint CCFFR-SCL Session: Long-term studies in fresh water systems B. Cumming

 5. Theme session 1: Long-term studies J. Casselman

 6. Theme session 2: Indicators of fish health for use in environmental monitoring K. Munkkittrick, M. McMaster

 7. Theme session 3: Experimental management and decision processes for environmental/fisheries problems. G. B. Ayles, C. T. Taggart

 8. Theme session 4: Interactions between terrestrial habitat and aquatic/fisheries habitat S. MacDonald

 9.Contributed papers and Posters:

 a) Growth, population dynamics, J. Lark

 b) Reproduction, development, P. Powles

 c) Feeding, physiology, energetics, J. Dodson

 d) Distribution, abundance, movements, R. Beamish

 10. CCFFR/SCL Banquet Address - A Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Fisheries Research Board of Canada, J. Vallentyne


 1. Programme Chair: Dick Beamish

2. J.C. Stevenson Memorial Lecture: Bridging the gap between fish ecology and molecular genetics: microsatellites as the ecologically correct markers. Louis Bernatchez.

 3. F. Rigler Memorial Lecture: Physical limnology: The setting for the ecological play. Everett Fee

 4. Joint CCFFR-SCL Session: Protecting and Preserving Aquatic Ecosystems

 5. Theme session 1: Protecting and preserving aquatic ecosystems

 6. Theme session 2: Effects of land use on stream fish and their habitat

 7. Theme session 3: Changing climate and changing ecosystems

 8. Theme session 4: Stream fish ecology

 9. Other contributed papers and Posters

 10. CCFFR/SCL Banquet - A Celebration of Pizza


 1. Programme Chair: Nigel Lester

 2. J.C. Stevenson Memorial Lecture: A multi-scale approach to fish habitat modeling. Daniel Boisclair

 3. F. Rigler Memorial Lecture: On the road to Fredericton: from phosphorus and food chains to UVB radiation and mercury. David Lean.

 4. Joint CCFFR-SCL Session: Protection of Populations and Habitats

 5. Conservation of Wild Salmonids

 6. Recreational Fisheries

 7. Biotic and Abiotic Interactions in Marine and Freshwater Systems

 8. Finfish and Shellfish Culture

 9. Other contributed papers and Posters

 10. CCFFR/SCL Banquet - Fish, Foolishness and a "Silent Fishy" Auction


 1. Programme Chair: Michael Fox

2. J.C. Stevenson Memorial Lecture: Battling Hydra, the nine-headed monster: understanding the variability of food webs and its importance for fisheries and ecosystem management, Joseph B. Rasmussen

 3. F. Rigler Memorial Lecture: The use of mass balance measurements in studies of lakes and their catchments, Peter Dillon

 4. Joint CCFFR-SCL Session: Fisheries and aquatic science then and now:

A freshwater crisis? In Canada?, David Schindler.

Tales from the foraging arena: are we finally able to develop useful predictive models for ecosystem management?, Carl Walters.

 5. Life history variation and its implications for fisheries management

 6. Fish community ecology: patterns, explanations and fisheries applications

 7.Quantitative predictions in fish ecology: meeting society's needs

 8. Behavioural ecology and its application to fisheries and aquaculture

 9. Other contributed papers and posters.

 10. CCFFR/SCL Banquet


 1. Programme Chair: Eric (Ric) Taylor

2. J.C. Stevenson Memorial Lecture: Early life stages in fisheries research: a perspective from the larva’s point of view, Pierre Pepin

 3. F. Rigler Memorial Lecture: A ecological and evolutionary solution to problems exacerbated by runaway demotechnic growth, Jack Vallentyne

 4. Joint CCFFR-SCL Session: Climate change impacts on aquatic ecosystems

Global climate change: What’s happening and what can we expect? H.G. Hengeveld

Arctic Ocean environmental variability: Recent observations and it’s potential consequences to biota, E. Carmack

Do climate change and fisheries cause depensation in sockeye salmon populations? D. Schindler et al.

 5. Fish Biology: Behaviour, Conservation and Evolutionary Genetics

 6. Ricker Symposium

 7. Aquatic Ecological Research: Scaling, Society and Priorities

 8. Productive Capacity of Aquatic Habitat

 9. Other contributed papers and posters.

 10. CCFFR/SCL Banquet


 1. Programme Chair: John Gunn

 2. J.C. Stevenson Memorial Lecture: The Biology of Rarity and Extinction Risk in Fishes, Dr. John Reynolds

 3. F. Rigler Memorial Lecture: Using Remote Lakes To Understand Spatial Trends and Bioaccumaulation of Chemical Pollutants, Dr. Derek Muir

 4. Joint CCFFR-SCL Session: Protection of Canada's Aquatic Resources

St. Barbara Meets St. Andrew: A Geological Perspective on Canadian Lakes, Dr. David Pearson

Retrospective Analyses of Non-indigenous Species in Canada's Aquatic Ecosystems: A century of disaster?, Hugh MacIsaac

Great Lakes - Great Successes - Great Challenges, Mike Jones

 5.  Impact of Invasive Species (CCFFR/SCL)

 6. Impacts of Multiple Stressor Interactions on Aquatic Ecosystems (CCFFR/SCL)  

 7. Studies of Aquatic Biodiversity at the Landscape Level (CCFFR) 

 8.  Improvements in Sampling Methods (CCFFR)

 9. Percid Biology in a Changing Environment (CCFFR)

10. Impacts and Adaptations of Fish and Fisheries to Climate Change (C-CIARN)

11. Other contributed papers and posters

12. CCFFR/SCL Banquet


 1. Programme Chair: David Scruton and a Tribute to Edwin J. Crossman (21 September 1929, 21 December 2003).

 2. J.C. Stevenson Memorial Lecture: Biogeochemistry of persistent pollutants: Processes affecting the transport of contaminants to remote areas, Dr. Jules M. Blais

 3. F. Rigler Memorial Lecture: Dr. W. Gary Sprules

 4. Joint CCFFR-SCL Session: Evidence and Impacts of Aquatic Regime Shifts

Shifting Regimes in the Northwest Atlantic – Multi-species Signals from Seabirds Montevecchi, W.A., G.K. Davoren, and ; J.E. Carscadden.

Long-term Changes in the Diet of Pollock (Pollachius virens L.) on the Scotian Shelf: Responses to a Dynamic Ecosystem. Carruthers, E.H., Neilson, J.D., Waters, C., and P. Perley.

Capelin Diet Shifts in the Newfoundland and Labrador Ecosystem: An Indicator of Changing Secondary Production? Mowbray, F.K.

Linkages in recruitment variability between three species of gadids: Atlantic cod Gadus morhua, Greenland cod G. ogac and white hake Urophycis tenuis. Laurel, B. J. and R.S. Gregory.

Resistance of the Prey to Predator Ratio to Environmental Gradients and to Biomanipulations. Donald, D.B. and R.S.Anderson.

 5. Rebuilding Fisheries (CCFFR)

 6. Anthropogenic Effects on Fish (CCFFR) 

 7. Aquaculture and the Environment (CCFFR)

 8.  Environmental versus Genetic Variation in Life History (CCFFR)

9. Adaptive Responses of Fisheries to Climate Variation and Change (CCFFR)

10. Marine Biodiversity (CCFFR)

11.     Contributed papers and posters (CCFFR), CCFFR/SCL Banquet, Annual CCFFR Stevenson Lecture and SCL Rigler Lecture


1.        Programme Chair: Joseph Rasmussen

2.        Issues in Great Lakes Water Quality and Fisheries (Joint SCL/CCFFR Theme) Co-chairs: Martha Guy and Doug Haffner

3.        Genetic approaches to conservation and management Chair: Daniel Heath

4.        Fisheries policy and the protection of native fishes Chair: Mark Ridgway

5.        Aquatic species at risk research Chair: Nick Mandrak and Scott Reid

6.        Adaptive management of aquatic resources Chair: TBA

7.        Food webs and fisheries Chair: Kevin McCann

8.        Exploring the reality of adaptation of fisheries and aquatic resources to climate variation and change in the Great Lakes Ecosystem (CCFFR session and subsequent symposium) Chair: Marc Johannes

9.        Contaminants and bioenergetics in aquatic ecosystems Chair: Joseph Rasmussen

10.     Special session: "Recognizing Bill Beamish" (speakers by invitation) Chair: David Noake

11.     Aquatic Invasive Species (Joint SCL/CCFFR) Co-chairs: Shelly Arnott and Tim Johnson

12.     Contributed papers and posters (CCFFR), CCFFR/SCL Banquet, Annual CCFFR Stevenson Lecture and SCL Rigler Lecture


1.        Programme Chair: Allen Curry and a Tribute to Joseph Albert Brown (18 November 1946 – 04 September 2005)

2.        Ecology and management of large rivers (CCFFR/SCL – opening joint session) Chair: Joe Rasmussen

3.        Linking mountain and prairie freshwaters (CCFFR/SCL) Chair Rolf Vinebrooke,

4.        Assessing environmental impacts in aquatic ecosystems (CCFFR/SCL) Co-Chairs: Karen Kidd and Kelly Munkittrick

5.        Introduced aquatic species and their effects (CCFFR/SCL) Chair: Nick Mandrak

6.        Recreational Fisheries (CCFFR) Chair: John Post

7.        Climate Change and Multisectoral Water Use Conflicts from a Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Perspective Co-chairs: Kim Hyatt, and Mark Johannes

8.        Contributed papers and posters (CCFFR), CCFFR/SCL Banquet, Annual CCFFR Stevenson Lecture and SCL Rigler Lecture


1.        Programme Chair: Nick Mandrak

2.        Aquatic conservation/Conservation aquatique Chair: Rick Taylor

3.        Aquatic Ecosystem Science Chair: Marten Koops

4.        Aquatic invasive species/Les espèces invasives aquatiques Chair: Tony Ricciardi

5.        Climate change/Les changements climatiques Chair: Kim Hyatt

6.        Cyanobacteria: Causes, Consequences and Toxicity/ Les cyanobactéries; causes, conséquences et toxicité Chairs: David Bird & Antonia Cattaneo

7.        Environmental Physiology and Genomics//Physiologie environnementale et génomique Chair: Dan Heath

8.        Habitat-Fish Mortality Linkages/ Les relations habitat-mortalité des poisons Chair: Robert Randall

9.        Hydroelectric Power and Aquatic Ecosystems/ La production hydroélectrique et les écosystèmes aquatiques Chairs: Yves Prairie & Dave Scruton

10.     Land-Water Interactions: Water Quality Issues and Food Web Dynamics/ Les interactions eau-terre : la qualité de l’eau et la dynamique trophique Chairs: Jerome Marty & Anurani Persaud

11.     The St. Lawrence Ecosystem/ L’écosystème du Saint-Laurent Chairs: Pierre Magnan & Jeff Ridal,

12.     Wetlands/ Les marais Chair: Francis Pick

13.     Contributed papers and posters (CCFFR), CCFFR/SCL Banquet, Annual CCFFR Stevenson Lecture and SCL Rigler Lecture


1.        Programme Chair: Mark Ridgway

2.        Population processes at low abundance : recovery, rarity and invasives/ Procédés liés aux populations en faible abondance : reconstitution, rareté et envahissement: Jeff Hutchings

3.        Ecosystem-based management : science and policy/ Gestion écosystémique : sciences et politiques: Kim Hyatt

4.        Waterbirds in marine and freshwater food webs/ Les oiseaux aquatiques dans les réseaux trophiques d’eau salée et d’eau douce: Mark Ridgway

5.        Evolutionary Processes in Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems/ Écologie évolutive dans les écosystèmes d’eau salée et d’eau douce: Dylan Fraser

6.        Complexities in Ecological Recovery/Complexités liées à la reconstitution écologique: John Gunn

7.        Physical Limnology and Oceanography – Influences on Populations and Ecosystems/ Limnologie et océanographie physiques : influences sur les populations et les ecosystems: Steve Campana

8.        River and Estuary Ecosystems/ Écosystèmes des rivières et des estuaries: Allen Curry

9.        A Special Session in Memory of Ram Myers/ Session spéciale à la mémoire de Ram Myers: Jeff Hutchings

10.     Contributed papers and posters (CCFFR), CCFFR/SCL Banquet, Annual CCFFR Stevenson Lecture and SCL Rigler Lecture


1.        Programme Chair: Marco A. Rodriguez

2.        Advances in modelling and statistical analysis of aquatic ecosystems/ Des progrès dans la modélisation et l'analyse statistique des écosystèmes aquatiques (lacs, rivières, estuaires, océans).

3.        Effects of multiple stressors and their interactions on aquatic ecosystems/ Effets des stresseurs multiples et leurs interactions sur les écosystèmes aquatiques.

4.        Growth at the individual and population scales: measurement, modelling, and implications for production and population dynamics /         La croissance aux échelles de l'individu et de la population : quantification, modélisation et implications pour la production et la dynamique des populations.

5.        Impacts of climate change on the biodiversity of Canadian lakes, rivers, and oceans/         Les impacts des changements climatiques sur la biodiversité des lacs, rivières et océans canadiens.

6.        Measurement and analysis of connectivity in aquatic ecosystems/ Quantification et analyse de la connectivité des écosystèmes aquatiques.

7.        Size-selective exploitation of freshwater and marine fish populations/ Exploitation dépendante de la densité chez les populations de poissons d'eau douce et de poissons marins.

8.        W.B. (Bev) Scott and Ichthyology - a Celebration!/ W.B. (Bev) Scott et l'ichtyologie - une célébration !.

9.        Contributed papers and posters (CCFFR), CCFFR/SCL Banquet, Annual CCFFR Stevenson Lecture and SCL Rigler Lecture


1.        Programme Chair: Darren Gillis

2.        Trophic linkages in aquatic ecosystems: Gail Davoren

3.        Divergent morphotypes in temperate species: resources and evolution: Margaret Docker

4.        Habitat assessment and management in freshwater: Doug Watkinson

5.        Conservation genetics: Applications in conservation and management: Daniel Heath

6.        Strength in numbers: Quantitative tools for enhancing research in fisheries and aquatic sciences: Marco Rodriguez

7.        Including fishers in fisheries science: Erin Carruthers

8.        Arctic aquatic resources: unique species in a dynamic environment: Neil Mochnacz

9.        Nutrients in aquatic ecosystems: Mohamed Mohamed, Andrew Paterson

10.     The Experimental Lakes Area: Celebrating 40 years of research Mike Paterson

11.     Wetlands: Gord Goldsbourgh

12.     Contributed papers and posters (CCFFR), CCFFR/SCL Banquet, Annual CCFFR Stevenson Lecture and SCL Rigler Lecture