Draft : for approval at 2002 Business Meeting





Royal York Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, January 5, 2001




Beak International Incorporated;

Great Lakes Fishery Commission;

Lotek Engineeering Incorporated;

Ontario Commercial Fisheries Association;

Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters;

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources;

North Central Division of the American Fisheries Society;

Canadian Aquatic Resources Section of American Fisheries Society;

Department of Fisheries and Oceans;

Halltech Environmental Ltd.;

Hoskin Scientific Ltd.;

North-East Division of American Fisheries Society;

and of course CCFFR and SCL.

Antoine Morin and his selection committee who once again did a very good job at selecting recipients for travel awards;


Minutes of the last meeting/Treasurer's Report


Clemens Rigler Travel Fund


Officers and arrangements for 2002


-bridging generation gaps (have an experienced scientist and a student present on similar topics);

-northern Canadian fish, including widespread species which occur in the north;

-metapopulations, biodiversity, and « hidden biodiversity » in relation to protection of species at risk;

-linkages between oceanography/limnology and fish biology, which would also help bring CCFFR and SCL closer together;

-invertebrate fisheries;

-climate change impacts on fish and fisheries.



Officers and arrangements for 2003


David Noakes, Guelph University, President

John Gunn, Lakehead University, ???? check Program Chair

John Lark, Local Arrangements

Warren Dunlop, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Nominations Chair (reports in 2002)




Venue - 2004

CCFFR tradition would put the 2004 meeting in the east, and President Magnan was pleased to report that Joe Brown had agreed to consider organising the 2004 meeting in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Joe Brown indicated that he had discussed this with colleagues at Memorial University of Newfoundland, including Bob Gregory and George Rose, and that they would be willing to do the organising. The meeting applauded this.


Other business

Nick Collins suggested that CCFFR introduce an item to its annual business meeting on a report from the editors of CFJAS and an opportunity for dialogue with participants in the meeting. Although Daniel Boisclair had followed up with CFJAS following last year’s meeting regarding a linkage which would permit lower rates on CJFAS subscriptions, the Journal will shortly be free through the internet so such a linkage is perhaps less necessary. SCL on the other hand is pursuing a formal linkage so as to get subscriptions at reduced rates. Discussion ensued on the content of such a report (a report on the vision for the Journal, special issues, numbers of MS’s submitted etc) and format (a presentation by the editors followed by questions).



Registration fees



Post script


H. Powles

Secretary Treasurer