Draft for approval at 2005 business meeting.

The 57th Canadian Conference for Fisheries Research (CCFFR)

Delta Hotel

St. Johnís, Newfoundland

January 9, 2004


I.                   APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA

This yearís president for the Canadian Conference for Fisheries Research (CCFFR), Dr. Moira Ferguson, called the meeting to order and requested a motion to approve the agenda for this meeting.† The agenda was approved (Lark/Heath).†


II.                APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF JANUARY 3, 2003-12-16

Minutes for the 2003 business meeting were reviewed by the meeting participants and a motion to approve these was carried (Lark/Heath).†



The president gratefully acknowledged the following organizations and individuals for their valuable contributions to the outstanding success of this meeting.† The following organizations for their financial contribution to both the meeting and to support the Clemens-Rigler student travel fund: Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Memorial University of Newfoundland, the Canadian Climate Impacts and Adaptation Research Network (C-CIARN), AquaNet Ė Canadaís Research Network in Aquaculture, Dalhousie University and the Oceanography Department of Dalhousie University, the Centre for Marine Biodiversity, McNamara Construction Company, Fishery Products International, and the Oceans Sciences Centre (MUN).† The following individuals are gratefully recognized as contributing their personal time and effort to organizing the program, venue, and events for this yearís meeting: David Scruton as programme chair, Bob Gregory (Chair), Joe Brown, and George Rose as the local arrangements committee, Bill Tonn as nominations committee, Andrew Cooper as Secretary-Treasurer, Martha Robertson, Corey Morris, Keith Clarke, Neil Ollerhead, and Ben Laurel as the meeting arrangements committee.†



Andrew Cooper presented the treasurerís report that summarized revenues and expenditures for the 2003 meeting in Ottawa (attached).† It was noted by A. Cooper that most of the carry forward from the previous yearís surplus was used to support the meeting in Ottawa as well as to support the Clemens-Rigler student travel fund.† This left only a modest amount to assist in this yearís meeting and to guarantee funds for Clemens-Rigler.† The local arrangements committee did not experience any shortfall this year but based on previous yearís needs for security deposits and to confirm at least some base level of donation for Clemens Rigler their should be some carry forward for each year.† The exact amount was not discussed.††

The contribution of 1.5K from C-CIARN will be added to the treasurerís report for the 2003 meeting.†


There was discussion regarding the contribution made by Society of Canadian Limnologists (SCL) to the meeting each year.† Could the SCL contribution be set for a fixed amount?† Andrew Cooper explained that this is possible but that in previous yearís the contribution amount for SCL was based on the proportion of SCL members attending the meeting and calculated against the costs of the meeting.† No decision was made on this issue and this yearís SCL contribution would continue to be calculated based on SCL participation versus costs.


The treasurerís report was approved with amendment (Heath/Boisclair).†



Andrew Cooper (on behalf of R. Mackereth) reported on the Clemens-Rigler student travel fund activities for the 2004 meeting.† There were 57 applications with requests totalling $30,059.† The selection committee offered an award to all applicants with a maximum award of $350 and $200 for previous award recipients.† At this time 50 students have accepted their awards totalling $16,350.† 37 students were affiliated with CCFFR and 13 with the SCL.†


A question was raised regarding the use of the C-CIARN contribution of $1500 to the CCFFR.† It was clarified that this contribution was used to directly support the student volunteers that were recruited to assist the program organizers.† It was agreed to identify the C-CIARN contribution in the minutes and within treasurerís report.†


Two points that were raised by A. Cooper (on behalf of R. Mackereth) regarding the administration and fund raising for the travel fund:


  1. Awards must be allocated earlier.† We notified students on December 15th which is much too late.† This was of course due to financial problems and local organizers did an outstanding job raising money and avoiding disaster.† However, we should consider a more organized fund raising effort to have money in place to allocate awards by the beginning of November at the latest.†
  2. Perhaps the SCL could be more involved in fund raising for the Clemens-Rigler award.†


These points were recognized to be important concerns to the future administration of the student travel fund.† The CCFFR president Moira Ferguson indicated that she would engage presidents from the previous year and the next to get involved with the travel fund at a much earlier date.†


It was also recognized that there will need to be coordination between the president of CARS and the president of CCFFR, since CARS is the lead administrative body for this fund and CARS should re-establish a more functional role in fund raising.†


The president of SCL stated that they would be very willing to get involved to assist the travel fund.† There was also some consideration that perhaps the DFO, SCL and CARS contributions should be standard every year.† There was not discussion as to how much this should be.†


A motion was passed to suggest that a representative from CARS should inform the administrator of the Clemens-Rigler fund the minimum amount of money available to support student travel for the upcoming meeting.† This should occur by the end of September or early October at the latest.† Motion carried (Heath/Gregory).††




a.       Officers and Arrangements Ė 2005 (Windsor, Ontario)

Dan Heath the progress on arrangements for the 2005 meeting in Windsor, Ontario.† Five meeting rooms had already been booked.† The estimated break even mark would be approximately 400 participants which was thought to not be a problem as we would anticipate a large draw from the United States at this particular venue.† Although the estimated registration fee is higher than previous yearís, the fee (estimated to be $140 regular and $100 for students) will include breakfast, breaks, 2 lunches and the banquet and should work to benefit the student participants. Registrants for the 2005 meeting will be to sign up on-line through Pay Pal as well as through regular mail, fax, or on site.† †A Sunday morning session is being considered with the hopes that the U.S. participation and the biotech theme offer a significant turn out for this difficult session time.†


Joe Rasmussen (program chair) presented a list of potential themes for the 2005 meeting.† These include: Toxic substances; Issues in Great Lakes water quality and fisheries; Invasive species; Problems in conservation; Fisheries policy and protection of native fisheries; Adaptive management; Food web and fisheries; River processes and fish habitat.† It was noted that some of these themes would also fit well in Calgary 2006 and western issues.† It was agreed that the 2005 and 2006 program chairs would co-ordinate themes on rivers, native spp. and adaptive management.†


b.      Officers and Arrangements Ė 2006 (Calgary, Alberta)

John Post presented ideas regarding arrangement for the 2006 meeting in Calgary.† He thought that Banff could be a possible venue rather than Calgary due the excellent facilities available in Banff and the time of year. It was thought that Banff would also be an attractive venue that might draw more participation.††


c.       Venue 2007

Daniel Boisclair was unanimously conscripted to begin plan for the 2007 meeting in Montreal, Quebec (Gunn/Post).†



Moira Ferguson reported that the number of manuscripts received by the journal for 2002-03 was up.† The rejection rate was about the same as in previous years but manuscripts received were generally good quality.† There has been a bit of a back log on publication and the journal will have to bulk up some of the issues to reduce this.† Moira Ferguson intends to continue as editor for the next five years.†



        No other business was raised


IX.              ADJOURNMENT

        Meeting adjourned by president Ferguson at 16:41.†