Canadian Conference for Fisheries Research (CCFFR)

Conférence Canadienne de Recherche sur les Pêches (CCRP)

6-8 January 2000 / les 6-8 janvier 2000

Lord Beaverbrook Hotel, Frederiction, New Brunswick





Registration / Inscription & Social Mixer / Cocktail

(alias "smoker")

Lord Beaverbrook Hotel: Petitcodiac Room




Welcome/Bienvenue: Saint John Room
Chair/President: Bruce Ward, President of Canadian Aquatic Resouce Section (CARS) of American Fisheries Society (AFS)


F. H. Rigler Lecture/Conference F. H. Rigler

David Lean: On the road to Fredericton: from phosphorus and food chains to UVB radiation and mercury


J. C. Stevenson Lecture / Conference J. C. Stevenson

Daniel Boisclair: A multi-scale approach to fish habitat modeling.



Protection of Populations and Habitats. Chair/President: Daniel Boisclair (President, CCFFR)


John Gunn and R. Sein: Testing effects of two potential impacts of forestry roads on lake trout populations: habitat loss versus increased exploitation


Kelly Munkittrick: Development of methods for effects-based cumulative effects assessment using fish populations


Tom Clair: Changes to the runoff of Canadian ecozones under a doubled CO2 atmosphere


Pierre Magnan, P. Brodeur, and M. Legault: Impact of white sucker (Catostomus commersoni) biomanipulation on the fish communities of five temperate lakes

12:00- 13:20 LUNCH



Conservation of Wild Salmonids

Part 1: Saint John Room

Chair/President: Rick Cunjak

Recreational Fisheries

Part 1: St. Croix Room

Chair/President: John Post

Protection of Populations and Habitats

Petitcodiac Room

Chair/President: Simon Courtenay


An assessment of individual reproductive success in a wild population of anadromous Atlantic salmon

Dany Garant, J. J. Dodson, & L. Bernatchez

Mechanisms of collapse of recreational fisheries

John Post, N.P. Lester, & C.J. Walters

Use of mesocosms to assess the effects of pulp and paper effluents on wild fish in complex receiving environments

M. Dube, J. Culp, D. MacLatchy, R. Parker, S. Courtenay, J. Smith, & G. Goff


Strontium in scales as a chemical marker to describe migration patterns of anadromous brook charr

David Courtemanche, R. A. Curry, & F. G. Whoriskey

The northeastern Ontario walleye database roll-up

George Morgan, C. Hendry, & G. Deyne

Population responses of slimy sculpin in agricultural regions of the upper Saint John River

Michelle Gray & K. Munkittrick


Sex biased dispersal and temporal consistency in habitat use by brook trout

Jeffrey Hutchings

Are anglers pushovers?

L. Hunt, W. Haider, G. Morgan & M.Vukelich

Whitefish interactions with nuclear generating stations in Lake Huron

J. Holmes, S. Crawford, D.L.G. Noakes, & D. Wismer


The use of expected net energy gain (ENEG) to quantify habitat quality for juveniles of Atlantic salmon

F. Burton & D. Boisclair

The collapse of walleye and pike sport fisheries in Alberta and its effect on aquatic ecosystems

Michael Sullivan

Immunological effects of environmentally relevant concentrations of the biocide tributyltin (TBT) on the blue mussel

S.D. St-Jean, S. Courtenay, & E. Pelletier


A new method for tracking small riverine fish using passive integrated transponder (PIT) technology

J.-M. Roussel, A. Haro, & R. A. Cunjak

Broad-scale management of Ontario’s fisheries resources

T. R. Marshall, K. Armstrong, S. McAughey, & N. P. Lester

Relation entre un dépôt de tourbe et la bioaccumulation du mercure dans trois espèces estuariennes

C. Surette, V. Mallet, & G. Brun

15:00 - 15:20 BREAK



Conservation of Wild Salmonids

Part 2: Saint John Room

Chair/President: Rick Cunjak

Recreational Fisheries

Part 2: St. Croix Room

Chair/President: John Post

General Contributions

Part 1: Petitcodiac Room

Chair/President: Mark Hanson


Estuarine and marine habitat utilization and movements of anadromous brook trout in Baie Laval, Quebec

Jacob van de Sande, R. A. Curry, & F. G. Whoriskey

Recovery of an adfluvial bull trout population following the implementation of catch-and-release regulations

C. J. Mushens, J. R. Post, & A. J. Paul

Impounded streams: behavioural responses and population impacts

John MacMillan


Long-term effects of supportive breeding programs on genetic diversity: an analytical approach

Louis Bernatchez & P. Duchesne

Is mortality an appropriate indicator of angling disturbance? A case study of rock bass

S. J. Cooke, K. M. Dunmall, J. F. Schreer, & D. P. Philipp

Effects of dams and locks on fragmentation, stability, and metapopulation dynamics of riverine fish species and communities.

L. Carl, C. Wilson, & N. Mandrak


Wild fish interactions with aquaculture escapees: lessons from the Magaguadavic River, New Brunswick

F. Whoriskey & J. Carr

The effects of angling and brood manipulations on the reproductive success of largemouth and smallmouth bass in two eastern Ontario lakes

C. D. Suski, J. H. Svec, & D. P. Philipp



Différentiation génétique et morphologique des formes sympatriques naine et normale d'éperlan du Lac Saint-Jean.

R. Saint-Laurent, M. Legault & L. Bernatchez


Egg-to-fry survival and drifting fry biology of wild Atlantic salmon

Valérie Bujold & R. A. Cunjak

A precautionary note on using angler creels to assess conservation goals

A. J. Paul & J. R. Post

Revisiting the panmixia paradigm in species of European and American eels with a microsatellite perspective

T. Wirth & L. Bernatchez


Population genetics and adaptive life histories of wild brook charr

B. K. Adams & J. A. Hutchings

Survival estimates of walleye and largemouth bass tagged from Kawartha Lakes live-release tournaments in 1989 and 1990

Perce Powles & A. Babin

Variabilities in ribosomal internal transcribed spacer sequence from Pacific mackerels with an application to species identification

K. Saitoh and H. Onodera



17:00 - 19:00



POSTER SESSION (see titles below): Mezzanine (outside Petitcodiac Room)

CCFFR Business Meeting / Assemblée annuelle de la CCRP: Petitcodiac Room

CCFFR-SCL Buffet Dinner / Buffet CCRP-SCL: Saint John Room



Conservation of Wild Salmonids

Part 3: Saint John Room

Chair/President: Jim Grant

Biotic and Abiotic Interactions in Marine and Freshwater Systems

Part 1: Petitcodiac Room

Chair/President: Alex Bielak

Finfish and Shellfish Culture

Part 1: St. Croix Room

Chair/President: Tillmann Benfey


Estimating P/B ratios for salmonid species based on the age and size structure of the populations

R. G. Randall

Recent dramatic changes in relative abundance, variability, and stability of fish assemblages of eastern Lake Ontario and the Bay of Quinte

J. M. Casselman, K. A. Scott, D. M. Brown, & C. J. Robinson

Can domesticating new marine fish for aquaculture provide clues to their marine ecology?

J. A. Brown, J. Rabe, & V. Puvanendran


Electrofishing induced injury and cardiac disturbance in rainbow trout

J. F. Schreer, S. J. Cooke, K. B. Connors, & R. S. McKinley

Maternal and environmental gradients in walleye egg size

T. A. Johnston & W. C. Leggett

Hormonal sex reversal in Atlantic halibut

C. I. Hendry, D. J. Martin-Robichaud, & T. J. Benfey


Restoration of the Aurora trout to their native lakes: methods used and lessons learned

E. Snucins & J. Gunn

Habitat and prey associations of young-of-year walleye in an Ontario lake

T. C. Pratt & M. G. Fox

Larval rearing techniques of yellowtail flounder

V. Puvanendran, D. Boyce, & J. A. Brown


Re-introduction of Atlantic salmon in Lake Ontario tributaries: interspecific competition

M. Clément, D. L.G. Noakes, L. M. Carl & R.G. Randall

A habitat based model for the prediction of smallmouth bass nest success

C. Chu, N. C. Collins, N. P. Lester, & B. J. Shuter


Haddock aquaculture—a systems approach to the development of a new species

E. Trippel, J. Reid, K. Howes, S. Neil, K. Madsen, T. Taylor, P. Harmon, J. Castell, T. Blair, D. Martin-Robichaud, J. Wade, & D. Aiken


Price of the fast lane: growth-mortality trade-offs and the decline of Atlantic salmon

D. K. Cairns

In situ estimation of energetic costs associated with feeding in littoral and pelagic zones in juvenile brook charr

F. Marchand, P. Magnan, & D. Boisclair

Developing new species for aquaculture - the role of health research

Gregory S. MacCallum, S. E. McGladdery, & B. A. MacDonald

10:10 - 10:40 BREAK



Conservation of Wild Salmonids Part 4: Saint John Room

Chair/President: Jim Grant


Biotic and Abiotic Interactions in Marine and Freshwater Systems

Part 2: Petitcodiac Room

Chair/President: Alex Bielak

Finfish and Shellfish Culture

Part 2: St. Croix Room

Chair/President: Tillmann Benfey


Migratory patterns of Atlantic salmon smolts in a Newfoundland fiord lake river system

Jason Dietrich & R. A. Cunjak

The spatial ecology of lake herring in Lake Opeongo

S. W. Milne, B. J. Shuter, & W. G. Sprules

CANCELLED Brook trout genetic management, Rupert strain

S. Martin, N. Soucy, & L. Bernatchez


Brook charr within a large river system: genetic differentiation and gene flow as inferred from microsatellite analyses

Sean M. Rogers, & R. A. Curry

Factors affecting sculpin distribution in a small New Brunswick "salmon" stream

P. A. Edwards & R. A. Cunjak

In vitro steroid production by triploid oocytes

Doris Smith & T. Benfey


A space-use approach to measuring and predicting the abundance of stream-dwelling salmonids

J. W. Grant, S. Ó. Steingrímsson, E. R. Keeley, and R. A. Cunjak

Fish communities in rockweed in the Bay of Fundy

Sean Corrigan & R. A. Curry

Hematology and metabolic rate of triploid and diploid growth hormone transgenic Atlantic salmon

Andrew Cogswell, A. Sutterlin, & T. Benfey


Exon 2 variation at a MHC Class II B gene in wild populations of landlocked and anadromous Atlantic salmon

C. Landry & L. Bernatchez

Influence of fish community structure on mercury levels in New Brunswick lakes

E. Barry & R. A. Curry

Sound production by adult haddock during spawning

A. Aucoin, E. A. Trippel, & J. M. Terhune


Influence of physical habitat on seasonal growth and movement of individual juvenile cutthroat trout

M. Roberge & S. Hinch

Interannual growth variations in lake sturgeon and nearby tree populations

G. T. O. LeBreton & F. W. H. Beamish

Aquaculture: panacea or pariah, are we going in the right direction?

M. K. Litvak

12:20 - 13:20 LUNCH



Conservation of Wild Salmonids

Part 5: Saint John Room

Chair/President: Fred Whoriskey

Biotic and Abiotic Interactions in Marine and Freshwater Systems

Part 3: Petitcodiac Room

Chair/President: Ed Trippel

General Contributions

Part 2: St. Croix Room

Chair/President: TBA


Movements of individually tagged young-of-the-year Atlantic salmon in a natural environment

S. O. Steingrimsson & J. W. A. Grant

Effect of temperature on the early development of larval shortnose and Atlantic sturgeon in the Saint John River system, New Brunswick

R. Hardy & M. K. Litvak

Time scale dependency of consumption rates estimated from the turn-over rate of 137Cs

J. Gingras & D. Boisclair


Use of small boreal stream tributaries by Atlantic salmon parr and resident brown trout

S. J. Crabbe, F. Whoriskey, & D. L. G. Noakes

Flow preference as a mechanism for resource partitioning in shortnose sturgeon and Atlantic sturgeon

A. V. Giberson & M. K. Litvak

Influence of fish sample size on the construction of a habitat preference model

J. C. Guay, D. Boisclair, M. Leclerc & M. Lapointe


Evolutionary consequences of interspecific competition in variable environments: juvenile coho salmon and steelhead trout

K. A. Young

Morphological differences between stream and lake dwelling populations of rock bass in central Ontario

J. K. Brinsmead & M. G. Fox

Using Monte Carlo simulations to estimate the effects of age interpretation variance on population year-class strength and age structure

C. J. Robinson & J. M. Casselman


Population structure in anadromous brook charr - population genetics tools address ecological problems

Vincent Castric & L. Bernatchez

Ecological and morphological differentiation in two allopatric populations of pumpkinseed sunfish

G. J. Gillespie & M. G. Fox

Acoustic assessment of short-term temporal variations of fish abundance in shallow lakes

N. Gaudreau, G. Guénard & D. Boisclair


Winter habitat selection and movement of juvenile Atlantic salmon under ice-free conditions

M. J. Hiscock, D. A. Scruton, J. A. Brown, & K. D. Clarke

Comparative phylogeography and hierarchical population structure of three eastern percids: historical and ecological influences

G. A. M. Wild & C. C. Wilson

A comparison of the Fourier and Wavelet transforms for differentiating stocks of walleye using scale outlines

D.A.Watkinson & D.M. Gillis

15:00 - 15:20 BREAK



Conservation of Wild Salmonids

Part 6: Saint John Room

Chair/President: Fred Whoriskey

Biotic and Abiotic Interactions in Marine and Freshwater Systems

Part 4: Petitcodiac Room

Chair/President: Ed Trippel

General Contributions

Part 3: St. Croix Room

Chair/President: TBA


Relationship between invertebrates and stream order: implications for fish distribution

R. Sutherland & R. A. Cunjak

Reproductive potential of Scotian shelf haddock: inter-population and inter-annual variation in fecundity

J. L. Blanchard & K. T. Frank

Biology of a resident cod population in Gilbert Bay, Labrador

C. J. Morris & J. M. Green


The impact of fine sediment deposition on survival of Atlantic salmon eggs

Jason Flanagan & R. A. Cunjak

Effect of food ration on the final thermal preferendum of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)

S. P. Despatie, M. Castonguay, D. Chabot, & C. Audet

The effect of temperature and substrate on recruitment patterns of bastard halibut

Xinhua Zhu, Dong Liu, & M. K. Litvak


Use of microsatellites to determine distribution and fishing contribution of land-locked Atlantic salmon populations in Lake St-Jean

C. Potvin & L. Bernatchez

Resurgence of an offshore population of Atlantic herring on the central Scotian shelf: distribution of larvae and relation to dynamic circulation features

C. S. Reiss, R. L. Stephenson, M. J. Power, & C. T. Taggart

Effects of body weight and spontaneous activity on the metabolism of horse mackerel

E. C. Enders & J.-P. Herrmann


Growth, mortality, and movement of individual Atlantic salmon, results from an intensive PIT tag study

B. H. Letcher & G. Gries

Growth variability and water mass associations of silver hake larvae from the Scotian shelf

J. A. Jeffrey & C. T. Taggart

The effects of tagging on the social hierarchy and distance to nearest neighbour in Atlantic salmon smolts

K. B. Connors, J. A. Brown, D. Scruton & R. S. McKinley


Habitat requirements of coaster brook trout in Nipigon Bay, Lake Superior

J. M. Mucha & R.W. Mackereth

Fishing down the food web? Trends in mean trophic level of landings from the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence, 1971-1997

J. M. Hanson & D. P. Swain

A model of information sharing among fishing vessels: the influence of fish abundance, distribution, and season length.

D. M. Gillis





POSTERS : Mezzanine (outside Petitcodiac Room)

R. M. Browne & M. K. Litvak

M. Caron, G. Cabana & P. Magnan

J. Carr

S. Currie & R. A. Curry

Daniel E. Duplisea & Mark V. Bravington

W.L. Fairchild, J. T. Arsenault, K. Haya, L. Burridge, J. G. Eales, J. Sherry, D. Bennie & S. B. Brown

D. G. Fitzgerald, A. R. Dale & P.F. Sale

M. H. Gatt, T. L. McParland, M. M. Ferguson & L. Halyk

B. Galloway & J. D. Kieffer

S. F. Gibson, N. E. Mandrak & C. C. Wilson

K. Gosse & A. Curry

S.D. Hanson & R. A. Curry

C. Hébert and Bernatchez, L.

M.W. Jones, T. L. McParland, J. A. Hutchings, R. G. Danzmann & D. Clay

N. E. Jones, W. M. Tonn, C. Katopodis & G. Scrimgeour

J.D. Kieffer, M. Brillant, A. Wakefield & M. K. Litvak

Guoqing Lu, Dave Basley & Louis Bernatchez

Nicholas E. Mandrak

M.F. Martin, R. A. Curry & T. G. Dilworth

D. L. G. Noakes, J. R. Baylis, L. M. Carl, D. Hayes, R. L. McLaughlin & R. G. Randall

C. Ouellette, S. C. Courtenay, A. D. Boghen & A. St-Hilaire

Robert C. Perry & J. M. Casselman

S. Plante, S. Audet, I. B. Khemis, J. de la Noüe & Y. Lambert

R. Pritchett & R. A. Curry

V. Puvanendran & J. H. Allen

S. Roques, J.-M. Sévigny & L. Bernatchez

K. Saitoh, K. Hayashizaki, Y. Yokoyama, T. Asahida, H. Toyohara & Y. Yamashita

T. Shepherd, F. Page & B. MacDonald

W. Stott, B. P. Monroe, M. Powell & N.P. Lester

M. Trudel, A. Tremblay, R. Schetagne & J.B. Rasmussen

M. Tupper

J. Turgeon & L. Bernatchez

H. Tvedt, T. J. Benfey, D. J. Martin-Robichaud, M. Reith & Colin McGowan

M. Wakefield, M. G. Brillant & J. D. Kieffer

M. E. Wright

D. Yott & C. Wilson