3-5 January, Vancouver, British Columbia

  • President: Eric (Rick) Taylor, University of British Columbia,

  • Treasurer: Howard Powles, Dept. Fisheries & Oceans, Ottawa,

  • PROGRAMME CHAIR: Jim Reist, Dept. Fisheries & Oceans, Winnipeg,

  • Local Arrangements: Scott Hinch, University of British Columbia
    Please Note: Slide and overhead projectors and microphones will be available. NO video projector units will be provided (i.e. no support for powerpoint presentations etc.). Presenters are welcome to provide their own video units and laptop for their own presentations. Power cords will be available.
    Conference Themes (programme details to be posted soon - in December)

     1. Climate Change Impacts on Aquatic Ecosystems

    Joint CCFFR/SCL Theme - sessions A,B,C with 14 talks total

    Chairs: M. Power (CCFFR);

    and R. Hall (SCL);

    2. Fish Biology: Behaviour, Conservation and Evolutionary Genetics

    CCFFR Theme - sessions A,B,C with 14 talks total.

    Chair: C. Wood;

    3. W.E. Ricker: Shaping a Science

    CCFFR Theme - sessions D,E with 9 talks total.

    Chair: D. Noakes;

    4. Aquatic Ecological Research: Scaling, Society and Priorities.

    Joint CCFFR/SCL Theme - sessions D,E with 9 talks total.

    Chairs: L. Carl (CCFFR);

    and P. Leavitt (SCL);

    5. Productive Capacity of Aquatic Habitat.

    CCFFR Theme - sessions F,G with 9 talks total.

    Chair: R. Randall;


    In addition to the above themes, there will be up to four Contributed Papers Sessions (oral presentations) for CCFFR as well as a Contributed Poster Session.


    Program Chair:

    Dr. James D. Reist

    Research Scientist and Head

    Arctic Fish Ecology and Assessment Research Section

    Fisheries and Oceans Canada

    501 University Crescent

    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R3T 2N6

    tel. 204 983 5032 fax 204 984 2403



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