Fredericton, New Brunswick, 6-8 January 2000

  • President: Daniel Boisclair, University of Montreal (
  • Treasurer: Howard Powles: Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Ottawa (
  • Programme Chair: Nigel Lester, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (
  • Local Arrangements: Allen Curry, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton (
  • Nominations: Cynthia Paszkowski, University of Alberta (

    Programme Themes and Call for Papers
  • ici pour Appel pour Contributions
  • The major themes of the 2000 Conference are:

      1) Fin and shellfish culture
      2) Recreational fisheries
      3) Research directed at conservation of wild salmonids
      4) Biotic and abiotic interactions in marine and freshwater systems
      5) Joint CCFFR/SCL session: Protection of Populations and Habitats
    • Stevenson Lecture

      Papers addressing the major themes are encouraged, although submission on other themes related to fisheries and aquatic habitat biology are also welcome. We hope that session 4 will attract papers from students and postdoctoral fellows working on GLOBEC projects. GLOBEC (GLOBal ocean ECosystem dynamics) is an international research program that examines how living marine resources are affected by variability in their environment.
      The DEADLINE for abstracts (see details below) is 10 September 1999.
      Submit abstracts to the Program Committee Chair:

      Dr. Nigel Lester (
      Aquatic Ecosystems Science Section
      Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
      300 Water St, Peterborough, ON
      K9J 8M5
      Tel: 705- 755-1548
      Fax: 705- 755-1559

      For general information contact the CCFFR Secretary Treasurer:
      Dr. Howard Powles
      Tel: 613-990-0285
      Fax: 613-954-0807

      • ABSTRACT PREPARATION (Deadline: September 10, 1999)
        Please follow these guidelines carefully to facilitate work of the Programme Committee and to ensure a final programme of high quality.

      • E-mail copy of Abstract:
        Follow the guidelines below and send an ASCII (text) version of your abstract ( do NOT send Word, WordPerfect, or other word processing formats) by e-mail to:

        Dr. Nigel Lester

      • Place an asterisk (*) after the name of the person presenting the paper.
      • Indicate whether the presentation will be oral (O) or poster (P) after the title.
      • Only standard 5 x 5 cm slide projector and overhead projector will be provided free of charge.
      • Two concurrent paper sessions will be held and the number of oral presentations will be limited.
      • Please indicate, on a separate line after the end of your abstract, if your presentation COULD be a poster even if your preference is for oral presentation.
      • Please also indicate on this line to which theme (1-5) your presentation is most closely related. This line will not appear in the program.

        Gretzky*, W. and J. Villeneuve. Department of Epidemiology, Eastern University, Yoho, Saskatchewan
        Sea stars shine increasingly brightly as the sunspot cycle progresses. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

        Could be poster; theme 3

      • Hard copy of Abstract:
        CCFFR has moved to an electronic process for developing the program, hard copy abstracts will not be accepted except under exceptional circumstances. Contact the Program Chair: Dr. Nigel Lester

        Registration information will be posted sometime in the Autumn of 1999.