WESTIN Hotel, Ottawa, Ontario, 2-4, January 1997

  • President: Bill Beamish, University of Guelph
  • Treasurer: Howard Powles: Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Ottawa
  • Programme Chair: Christopher Taggart, Dalhousie University
  • Local Arrangements: John Lark, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Ottawa
  • Nominations: Scott Hinch, University of British Columbia

    CCFFR - 1997 - PROGRAMME

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    Jan 2 PM

    18:00 CCFFR/SCL Registration and Social Mixer

    Jan 3 AM

    Joint CCFFR/SCL Session (Chair: R. J. Cornett and C.T. Taggart). Techniques and technology in aquatic sciences: standards, advances, and expectations.

    08:30 pending. Opening and Welcoming Remarks -

    08:40 J. Kalff, McGill University. Tribute to Robert H. Peters (SCL) -

    08:45 F. Rigler Lecture (SCL): A. Tessier. Models of metal uptake by aquatic organisms -

    09:25 T. Northcote, University of British Columbia. Tribute to Peter A. Larkin (CCFFR) -

    09:30 J.C. Stevenson Memorial Lecture (CCFFR); M.M. Ferguson. The role of genetic markers in fisheries and aquaculture : Useful tools or stamp collecting? 0

    10:35 Y.Prairie (SCL - invited). New statistical techniques for aquatic science -

    11:00 D. Evans (SCL - invited): Trace analysis of biological structures using laser ablation sampling and ICP-MS -

    11:25 D.E. Ruzzante*, C.T. Taggart, and D. Cook. (CCFFR - invited). The genetic structure of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) in the northwest Atlantic. 104

    11:50 J.J. Cullen* and R.F. Davis (CCFFR - invited) Technologies for optical assessment of ecologically important processes in aquatic systems. 99

    12:15 LUNCH

    Jan 3 PM

    Concurrent Session-1 (Chair: C.T. Taggart or designate) Session 1-Techniques and technology in aquatic sciences: standards, advances, and expectations.

    13:45 N.I. Flamarique*, K. Barry, and J. Whitsett Spectral properties of lakes ranging the entire trophic spectrum. 26

    14:05 J.H.M. Kouwenberg*, H. Browman and F. Bland Exposure response to UV-B radiation and a polychromatic action spectrum for egg mortality in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L). 72

    14:25 W. Stott*, P. Ihssen, and B. White Analysis of genetic diversity among Ontario stocks of lake trout using microsatellite DNA. 23

    14:45 S.E. Campana*,T. Lambert, G. Chouinard, M. Hanson, A. Frechet, J. Gagne and J. Brattey. Tracking cod stock migrations using otolith elemental fingerprints. 14

    15:05 C.I., Gilman*, D.L. MacLatchy, and W.C. Breckenridge Plasma lipid levels in brook trout exposed to beta-sterol (a wood-derived sterol) present in pulp-mill effluent 30

    15:50 S.K.A. Arndt*and T.J. Benfey The rate of response of biochemical growth indices to changes in feeding levels of juvenile Atlantic salmon. 6

    16:10 R.S. Gregory*, J.T. Anderson, S. Fraser, and W. Collins. The use of integrated acoustic sampling to determine available inshore habitat for juvenile atlantic cod (Gadus morhua). 46

    16:30 K.L. Howland*, R.F. Tallman and W.M. Tonn Variation in migration patterns of freshwater and anadromous inconnu, Stenodus leucichthys, within the Mackenzie River system. 43

    16:50 P. Troffe and J.D. McPhail* A foraging dichotomy in fluvial populations of mountain whitefish. 25

    17:10 H.P. Benoit* and J. R. Post Colonization by lentic macroinvertebrates: evaluating colonization processes using artificial substrate and appraising applicability of techniques. 40

    17:30 Business Meeting

    19:00 CCFFR/SCL Joint Banquet: P. Powles*, B. Scott, D. McPhail and D. Ryder A 50-year phylogeny of CCFFR through crystal-clear bifocals.

    Jan 3 PM

    Concurrent Session-2 (Chair: C.T. Taggart or designate) Session 2 - Ecophysiology and environmental processes: influences on temporal and spatial states of individuals and populations.

    13:45 R.J. Beamish*, D. Noakes, and G. McFarlane Evidence that the mean productivity of Pacific salmon stocks shifts in response to decadal scale energy redistribution on the Planet. 3

    14:05 F. Barber* and S.Yuen Out-of-phase coherence at trend with Fraser River sockeye diversion suggests a density-dependent effect in the weight decline of Fraser River pink salmon. 79

    14:25 N. Aubin-Horth* and D. Boisclair Among-lakes and among species variations of swimming characteristics: implications for bioenergetic models. [Variations inters-lacs et inter-sp‚cifiques des caract‚ristiques de nage: implications au niveau des models bio‚nerg‚tiques.] 70

    14:45 F. Burton* and D. Boisclair Variation of microhabitat exploitation cost-indications for juveniles Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar l.) in rivers: impact on growth. [Variations des indices de cots d'exploitation de microhabitats chez les saumons atlantique (Salmo salar l) juvniles en rivire et leurs impacts sur la croissance.] 71

    15:05 J.-D. Dutil*, Y. Lambert, H. Guderley and P. Blier (invited) Physiological condition and growth rate relationships: annual and seasonal patterns within and between cod stocks. [Croissance et condition physiologique: patrons annuels et saisonniers de variation au sein des stocks et entre les stocks.] 74

    15:50 C.T. Marshall*, O.S Kjesbu, P. Solemdal, O. Ulltang and N.A. Yaragina (invited) Variation in reproductive potential of marine fish at individual and population scales: implications for modelling the recruitment dynamics of Northeast Arctic cod. 13

    16:10 M. Krohn* and S. Kerr Effects of cold water on cod physiology, distribution and abundance. 69

    16:30 C.T. Taggart*, E. Colbourne, and J. Morgan Physiological cycles in Atlantic cod: their relationship to variations in the thermal environment and influence on population metrics. 83

    16:50 C. Chambers* Environmental effects on egg and propagule sizes in marine teleosts. 112

    17:10 K.L. LeBlanc* and D. L. MacLatchy Effects on the reproductive endocrine function of fish exposed to Saint John New Brunswick harbour (SJH) water. 19

    17:30 Business Meeting Business Meeting

    19:00 CCFFR/SCL Joint Banquet: P. Powles*, B. Scott, D. McPhail and D. Ryder A 50-year phylogeny of CCFFR through crystal-clear bifocals.

    Jan 3 PM

    Concurrent Session-3 (Chair: I. Perry or designate) Session 3 - Stock/population structure and dynamic processes for informed decision making.

    13:45 T.D. Beacham*, Khai D. Le, and R. J. Nelson (invited) The application of microsatellite DNA variation to determination of population structure and stock identification of Fraser River sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka). 9

    14:05 M. Healey*, E. Walter and J. Scandol A reappraisal of ocean migrations of sockeye salmon by individual based modelling. 35

    14:25 P.S. Rand*, S.G. Hinch, and J.P. Scandol Spatial and temporal patterns of salmon migration, feeding and growth in the northeast Pacific Ocean. 89

    14:45 M.-C. Bourque* and P. H. Leblond Effect of ocean currents on returning salmon: results from a fine-resolution coastal model. 102

    15:05 K.A. Thomson* and D.J. Blackbourn Environmental indices for Fraser River sockeye salmon return time forecasts.. 103

    15:50 S. McKinnell* J. J. Pella and M. L. Dahlberg Selective schooling of steelhead trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in the North Pacific Ocean. 8

    16:10 A.M. Brown*, V.Dodington, and W. Dunlop Effects of shoreline structures and wave exposure on usage of littoral fringe habitats by fish. 39

    16:30 S. Trepanier*, M.A. Rodriguez, and C. Dussault Self-thinning and annual production in stream salmonids. 52

    16:50 N. Gaudreau* and D. Boisclair The influence of spatial heterogeneity on the study of fish horizontal daily migration. 96

    17:10 T.S. Avery* and J.A. Brown Variability in the early life history traits of yellowtail flounder (Pleuronectes ferrugineus) - female and male contributions 53

    17:30 Business Meeting

    19:00 CCFFR/SCL Joint Banquet: P. Powles*, B. Scott, D. McPhail and D. Ryder A 50-year phylogeny of CCFFR through crystal-clear bifocals.

    Jan 4 AM

    Concurrent Session-4 (Chair: C.T. Taggart or designate) Session 4 - Ecophysiology and environmental processes: influences on temporal and spatial states of individuals and populations.

    08:30 S.L. Currie* and R.A.Curry Seasonal habitats of young-of-the-year smallmouth bass: predicting winter survival rates. 18

    08:50 M. Osika* Characteristics of lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush) reproduction in three small northwestern Ontario lakes, prior to clearcut logging. 54

    09:10 J.P. Moore*, F. Whoriskey, and T.G. Dilworth An evaluation of a unique life history strategy for Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, of the Ponoi River, Russia. 12

    09:30 B. Leach* and R.Montgomerie Sperm competition in bluegill sunfish (Lepomis macrochirus). 107

    09:50 K.E. Costain* and M.K. Litvak A plaice to hide: the impact of temperature on development rate, escape response and swimming performance of larval American plaice, Hippoglossoides platessoides platessoides. 78

    10:35 K. Robichaud-LeBlanc*, S.C. Courtenay, and T.J. Benfey Early life history of a northern population of striped bass. 58

    10:55 J.F. Dower*, P. Pepin, and W.C. Leggett Turbulence and gut fullness of radiated shanny (Ulvaria subbifurcata): a time-series study on Conception Bay, Newfoundland. 86

    11:15 M. Sclafani*, G. Stirling and W.C. Leggett Buoyancy, nutritional condition and survival of larval cod (Gadus morhua L.). 100

    11:35 B.R. MacKenzie*, M.A. St.John, M. Plikshs, H.H. Hinrichsen, and K. Wieland (invited) Overview of the Baltic cod recruitment project (CORE). 1

    11:55 LUNCH

    Jan 4 AM

    Concurrent Session-5 (Chair: I. Perry or designate) Session 5 - Stock/population structure and dynamic processes for informed decision making.

    08:30 L. Carl* Larval bottlenecks in oligotrophic fish communities. 90

    08:50 J.K. Elliott* and W.C. Leggett Predation by hydra on larval fishes. 63

    09:10 T.C. Pratt* and M.G. Fox The impact of predation on pumpkinseed sunfish life history characteristics. 60

    09:30 T.G. Friesen*, B.J. Shuter, and M. S. Ridgway Variation in mortality rate during early life history of fishes and the importance of growth to survival. 59

    09:50 J. Paul*, G.L. Sterling, C. Hunt and J.R. Post Population dynamics of juvenile bull trout in a headwater stream from the foothills of Alberta: the influence of density-dependent survival and adult mortality. 48

    10:35 M.L. Jones*, R.M. Korver, N.P. Lester, and B.J. Shuter (invited) Managing exploitation of the lake trout stocks of Ontario. 47

    10:55 E.R. Keeley* An experimental analysis of the effects of food and competitor density on the demography of juvenile steelhead trout. 28

    11:15 J.R. Post*, E.A. Parkinson and N.T. Johnston Density-dependent processes in size-structured fish populations: growth, mortality and recruitment of rainbow trout in whole lake experiments. 37

    11:35 M. Norton*, N. Collins and B. Henderson Competition and oligotrophication as possible explanations for the decline in yellow perch (Perca flavescens) abundance in western Lake Erie. 49

    11:55 LUNCH

    Jan 4 AM

    Concurrent Session-6 (Chair: L. Fortier or designate) Session 6 - Special Symposium on recent advances in cod research.

    08:30 D. D'Amours* A framework to partition the total mortality of Atlantic cod stocks. 88

    08:50 M. Sinclair*, R. O'Boyle, and R. Mohn (invited) A comparison of 4VsW and 4X cod fisheries: collapse versus sustainable overexploitation. 77

    09:10 G.A. Rose* The decline of the northern cod in the 1990's: new data. 101

    09:30 P.A. Shelton* and G.R. Lilly The 1986 and 1987 year classes of the northern cod population. 50

    09:50 J-J. Maguire* (invited) Fisheries and science and fisheries management. 109

    10:35 Rakitin*, A., M.M. Ferguson, and E.A. Trippel Sperm competition in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua). 41

    10:55 E.A. Trippel* The fertility scare: are Atlantic cod losing their reproductive ability? 66

    11:15 R.K. Smedbol*, D.C. Schneider, J.S. Wroblewski, D.A. Methven, and D.L. Pinsent The population consequences of inshore spawning by northern Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) at low stock levels. 29

    11:35 M. Jones* and C.T. Taggart Distribution of gill parasite (Lernaeocera branchialis) infection in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) and parasite-induced host mortality: inferences from tagging data. 15

    11:55 LUNCH

    Jan 4 PM

    Concurrent Session-7 (Chair: C.T. Taggart or designate) Session 7 - Ecophysiology and environmental processes: influences on temporal and spatial states of individuals and populations.

    13:25 P.J. Blanchfield* and M.S. Ridgway Redd superimposition and brood cannibalism: spawning perils of female brook trout. 91

    13:45 P. Biro* Staying cool: behavioural thermoregulation by lake dwelling young-of-year brook trout. 33

    14:05 N. La Violette* and Y. Richard Fish communities and biotic integrity in the Chateauguay River. 76

    14:25 J.D. Kieffer* and C.M. Wood The influence of temperature on respiratory gas exchange, nitrogenous waste excretion, and fuel use during aerobic swimming in juvenile rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). 55

    14:45 F. Marchand*, P. Magnan, and D. Boisclair The estimation of energetics costs of feeding in two habitats, in brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis). 108

    15:05 A. Guitard*, M.A. Rodriguez and S. Trepanier Dietary variation in stream-dwelling brook charr and Atlantic salmon. 51

    15:50 A.B. Bochdansky* and D. Deibel Critical evaluation of gastric evacuation models for the study of ingestion rates in fish. 32

    16:10 R. McLaughlin*, M. Ferguson, and D. Noakes Adaptive peaks and alternative foraging tactics in brook charr: short-term divergent selection for sitting-and-waiting and actively searching. 17

    16:30 A. Keast* Diets and growth rates in yellow perch and golden shiner in contrasting lake types. 10

    16:50 G. LeBreton* and F.W.H. Beamish Intrapopulation growth of lake sturgeon and river discharge. 16

    17:10 M.E. Wright* and M.A. Curtis The ecological significance of an alternate pathway of Diphyllobothrium spp. transmission to salmonid fishes. 87


    Jan 4 PM

    Concurrent Session-8 (Chair: D. Gillis or designate) Session 8 - Quantifying anthropic effects on fish populations: data and methods

    13:25 A.D. Rijnsdorp* (invited) Vessel interactions of beam trawlers exploiting local patches of flatfish in the North Sea. 105

    13:45 B. Neis, R.L. Haedrich*, and D.C. Schneider Old challenges, new methods: a lumpfish fishery and fishers' ecological knowledge in Newfoundland . 22

    14:05 D.M. Gillis* More uses for regulatory observer data 61

    14:25 R. Mahon, S. Brown, G. Howell, R.N. O'Boyle, M. Sinclair, and K.C.T. Zwanenburg*. East coast of North America demersal fishes: initial explorations of biogeography and species assemblages 97

    14:45 D.W. Kulka* Discarding of cod (Gadus morhua) off Labrador in NAFO Divisions 2J, 3K and 3L from 1980-1994 65

    15:05 L.W.E. Harris* and D.M. Gillis Harvesting practices inferred from the commercial groundfish fishing data on the Scotian Shelf. 62

    15:50 D.E. Lane* (invited) Scotia-Fundy herring fleet dynamics and stock assessment. 98

    16:10 A. Bundy*, C. Walters and D. Pauly The ecosystem impacts of fishing: a quantitative approach. 24

    16:30 S.C. Spencer*, P.J. Colby, and W.T. Momot Pulse fishing of a walleye population: response, recovery and management implications. 36

    16:50 A.G. Younger*, E.A. Trippel, M. Sinclair, and B. Nicholls Marine fish spawning habitats in the NW Atlantic: implications for sustainability. 120

    17:10 A. Barker* and J.W. Kamphuis Improvement of aquatic habitat for fish : marinas and breakwaters as habitat. 82


    Jan 4 PM

    Concurrent Session-9 (Chair: L. Fortier or designate) Session 9 - Special Symposium on recent advances in cod research.

    13:25 S.M. Grant* and J.A. Brown Diel feeding cycles and interactions between juvenile Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) at a nearshore site in Trinity Bay, Newfoundland 92

    13:45 J.T. Anderson*, R.S. Gregory, and E.L. Dalley Counting cod: the importance of identifying preferred habitats in estimating pre-recruit abundances of Atlantic cod 93

    14:05 J. Lawson, J. Anderson*, E. Dalley and G. Stenson Selective foraging by harp seals (Phoca groenlandica) in Newfoundland waters. 85

    14:25 G. Stenson*,B. Sjare, M. Hammill.2, and J.Lawson Estimating consumption of Atlantic cod by harp and hooded seals in the northwest Atlantic. 113

    14:45 J. M. Hanson* Indirect evidence that southern Gulf of St. Lawrence cod and American plaice compete for food. 7

    15:05 D. Chabot* and J.-D. Dutil Hypoxia reduces the growth rate of cod (Gadus morhua). [L'hypoxie r‚duit le taux de croissance de la morue (Gadus morhua).] 68

    15:50 Y. Lambert* and J.-D. Dutil Energetic consequences of reproduction in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) in situations of lower available energy reserves. [Consequences energetiques de la reproduction chez la morue(Gadus morhua) dans des situations ou de plus faibles reserves d'energie sont disponibles. 56

    16:10 K.C.T. Zwanenburg*, G.Howell, M. Sinclair. and R.N. O'Boyle A survey of northwest Atlantic cod populations (Gadus morhua) and their distributions relative to ambient temperature conditions 84

    16:30 P. Ouellet*, Y. Lambert, and M. Castonguay Spawning of Atlantic cod, and characteristics and vertical distribution of cod eggs in the northern Gulf of St. Lawrence: effect of cold water temperature on recruitment. 73

    16:50 M. Castonguay*, C. Rollet, A. Frechet, P. Gagnon, D. Gilbert and J.-C. Brethes Effects of a cooling event on cod distribution in the northern Gulf of St. Lawrence. 21

    17:10 J.-D. Dutil* and Y. Lambert Highs and lows in energetic condition show that poor growth conditions were responsible for an increased rate of natural mortality in cod during the collapse of the fishery. [Dans les annees precedant leur declin, les stocks de morue ont connu de mauvaises conditions de croissance qui ont entraine une augmentation du taux de mortalite naturelle.] 75

    17:30 G.R. Lilly* Did a decline in feeding and condition contribute to the collapse of the northern (NAFO Div. 2J3KL) cod stock? 45


    Co-ordinator: John Lark (

    Posters are to to be displayed for the duration of Conference: 2-3-4 January

    L.Porto* and D.L.G. Noakes The effects of low-head barriers on fish movements and community organization in four Ontario streams. 2

    R.A. Curry* The use of small streams by young brook trout spawned in a lake. 4

    K. Schwalme*, S. Wu, Z. Florence, and K. Smiley Fish biology and mercury concentrations in Alberta's Oldman Reservoir. 5

    Fischer, J. and R.L. Haedrich* An hypothesis of habitat occupation by continental shelf fishes. 11

    R.M. Korver*, N.P. Lester, B.J. Shuter, M.L. Jones Density-dependent catchability in angling fisheries. 20

    B. Neis, R.L. Haedrich*, and D.C. Schneider Old challenges, new methods: a lumpfish fishery and fishers' ecological knowledge in Newfoundland . 22

    N.I. Flamarique* Survival of sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) reared under different light regimes with/without ultraviolet wavelengths. 27

    G. Downing* and M.K. Litvak From start to finfish: shedding light on the culture of larval haddock, Melanogrammus aeglefinus. 31

    P. Biro*, M. Ridgway, D. Noakes Space-use and foraging movements of young-of-year brook charr (Salvelinus fontinalis) in lakes 34

    M. Clement*, R.A. Cunjak and T.J. Benfey Effects of electrofishing on juvenile Atlantic salmon. 38

    S. Plante*, D. Chabot, and J-D. Dutil Determination of lethal hypoxic level of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua). 42

    R.J. Steedman*, R.L. France, R.S. Kushneriuk, and R.H. Peters Control of littoral water temperatures in small boreal forest lakes, and likely response to riparian deforestation. 44

    D. McCormick* and R. Mackereth A method for quantifying sediment input and movement from roads and cutovers to northwestern Ontario streams. 57

    S.E. Fordham* and E.A. Trippel Feeding behaviour of cod (Gadus morhua) in relation to spawning. 67

    F. Beland* and H.I. Browman Effect of UV radiation on Atlantic cod eggs (Gadus morhua). 80

    S.C.H. Kiesling* and W.M. Tonn The influence of nutrient enrichment on growth and survival of young-of-year fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas). 81

    S. Tucker*, M. Trudel, and J.B. Rasmussen Modelling feeding rates of marine and freshwater fishes in the field: effects of body size and water temperature. [Modelisation des taux de consommation des poissons marins et d'eau douce: influence de la masse et de la temperature.] 94

    S.E. Robb* and J.W.A. Grant Aggression, monopolization and growth depensation within groups of Japanese medaka: interactions between the temporal and spatial clumping of food. 95

    M. Trudel* and J.B.Rasmussen. Modelling the elimination of mercury by fish. [Modelisation de l'excretion du mercure par les poissons.] 106

    M. Lange and M.J. McMurtry* Surveying near-shore fish habitat in Lake Simcoe, Ontario. 111

    T.R. Stronks* and S. McLeod A new partnership between the Government of Ontario and the Anishinabek First Nation. 114

    M. Shaw* and S. Stoddart. The role of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in structuring fish communities in eastern Canadian Lakes. 115

    K.G. Whalen* and D.L. Parrish Effect of precocial maturation on parr growth and smolting of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) stocked as fry. 116

    Y.W. Gao*, H.P. Schwarcz and S.E. Campana Stable isotopic analyses of cod otoliths (Gadus morhua) from the Canadian Atlantic: implications for environmental and metabolic effects 117

    N.Collins* The temperature regime of littoral fringe (Z < 0.2 m) habitats: predicted growth enhancement for fish in small Ontario lakes. 118

    M.J. Vander Zanden* and J.B. Rasmussen. Using stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes to define a baseline for measuring trophic position. 119

    J.M. Casey* and R.A. Myers. Species composition changes in an exploited marine ecosystem: Newfoundland southern Grand Bank and St. Pierre Bank, 1951-1995. 121

    R.J.Scott* Is a "textbook example" of natural selection in the wild wrong? I doubt it, although our explanation might be: Competition and the evolution of a black stickleback. 122