This year's annual meeting of the Canadian Conference For Fisheries Research (January 2-5, 2003) will be held at the Westin Ottawa Hotel . You can make reservations on-line as follows:

1. Go to (advice: open this using a new browser window)
2. At the bottom of the page, select "Meeting Planners."
3. On the next page, at the bottom select "Attend a Meeting."
4. Enter the city OTTAWA and the Meeting Code 3914
5. Hit the CONTINUE button.
6. The next page shows the City and State/Province. If the guest typed the proper information, they need only to select the appropriate City selection.
7. On this next page they need to select the SELECT button for the correct hotel.
8. The next page is where the guest will select the dates they will be attending the group as well as any preferences such as number of guests, etc.
9. Hit the CONTINUE button.
10. The next page gives the room types available for the group. The guest will select the appropriate room by selecting RESERVE.

The rest of the information is self-explanatory such as Guest Information, Credit Card, etc.

You can email the Westin as the following: