Conference of Dalhousie Oceanography Students
Annual Conference
On Friday March 23, 2018

McInnes Room, Student Union Building

Dalhousie University

Halifax, Nova Scotia

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About Event

We invite you to give a presentation and attend the Conference of Dalhousie Oceanography Graduate Students (CDOGS). This is an opportunity for you to share your research and learn about the research of your peers in a friendly environment. The day will be structured in a conference style, with 15 minutes per speaker (including set-up and questions). Although only graduate students and post-docs are invited to present, we will be inviting faculty and the public to attend, including the faculty and staff of the Department of Oceanography, scientists at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, and the general public.

Are you wondering what to talk to about? In short: whatever you want. Are you a new student? You could talk about your previous work, a class project, or ideas that may end up in your thesis proposal. Are you a world expert on photosystem II or mixed-layer turbulence? We'd also like to hear about it -- just make sure we can understand.

If you want to present, please register by submitting an abstract by March 9, 2018. Thank you.

Undergraduate Poster Session: Again in 2018, we invite undergraduate students to participate in a poster session as part of CDOGS. Any undergraduate student doing ocean-related research is welcome to submit an abstract and title for a poster they would like to present. Please register if you would like to participate.

Event Schedule

Reminder: Speakers are given 15 minutes per talk, including set up, presenting, and questions.

You can view last year's schedule and abstracts in our conference proceedings.

Session 1 Early Morning
  • 8:30 - Doors open - Coffee & Tea
  • 9:00 - Opening remarks
  • 9:15 - Speaker 1

    Talk 1

  • 9:30 - Speaker 2

    Talk 2

  • 9:45 - Speaker 3

    Talk 3

  • 10:00 - Speaker 4

    Talk 4

  • 10:15 - Speaker 5

    Talk 5

  • 10:30 - Coffee break
Session 2 Late Morning
  • 10:45 - Speaker 6

    Talk 6

  • 11:00 - Speaker 7/h6>

    Talk 7

  • 11:15 - Speaker 8

    Talk 8

  • 11:30 - Speaker 9

    Talk 9

  • 11:45 - Speaker 10

    Talk 10

  • 12:00 - Lunch, Poster and Networking
Session 3 Undergraduate Poster Session
Session 4 Early Afternoon
  • 13:30 - General Remarks

    General Remarks

  • 13:45 - Plenary Speaker: Dr. Boris Worm

    Don't Miss This

  • 14:15 - Speaker 11

    Talk 11

  • 14:30 - Speaker 12

    Talk 12

  • 14:45 - Speaker 13

    Talk 13

  • 15:00 - Speaker 14

    Talk 14

  • 15:15 - Speaker 15

    Talk 15

  • 15:30 - Coffee break
Session 5 Late Afternoon
  • 15:45 - Speaker 16

    Talk 16

  • 16:00 -Speaker 17

    Talk 17

  • 16:15 - Speaker 18

    Talk 18

  • 16:30 - Speaker 19

    Talk 19

  • 16:45 - Speaker 20

    Talk 20

  • 17:00 ish - Voting for Best Talk, Poster, CMOS award for Best Overall Talk
  • 17:15 ish - Closing Remarks


Thank you to all of this year's CDOGS sponsors!


Commonly asked questions about the event.

Anyone can attend the event. However, seating can be limited, so arriving early is best.

Only graduate students studying subjects relating to Oceanography can give oral presentations. However, preference for presentations will be given to graduate students within the Oceanography department.

If you are not an Oceanography graduate student but would still like to present, we are including a poster session for undergraduate students in Oceanography and other related programs.

Complimentary coffee/tea and snacks will be available, and lunch will be provided during the intermission.

With current limitations, you must input your abstract following LaTex syntax. This includes the use of \begin{equation}...\end{equation} or $$...$$ notation. If you need assistance, refer to the following documentation.

Refering back to question 4, you must use LaTex syntax to accomplish formatting. For italicized text you may use \textit{...} or \emph{...}. For bold text you may use \textbf{...}. For more complex formatting, refer to the following documentation.

Formats such as .ppt, .pptx, and .pdf are the most common. Both a Mac and a PC will be available at the conference. Ask the organizers to load your presentation on the corresponding one to avoid incompatibilities.

Other formats are also welcome, but please consider potential limitations. For example, if you are using prezi, download an offline version of your presentation and do not depend on the internet connection on the site.

All attendees can vote for the "best overall talk" - CMOS prize. Only students can vote for the best MSc. and PhD. talks, and the best undergraduate poster.

To fit within the poster display at the event, posters need to be 1.2m x 1.2m (47" x 47") or smaller.

Each speaker is assigned a 15 minute slot to give their talk. This includes the time you will need to give your talk (10 min), and take questions (5 min).


Location for CDOGS 2018

Event Location

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    McInnes Room, Student Union Building, Dalhousie University
    6136 University Avenue, Halifax, NS, Canada
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Conference Proceedings

Current Tides

Current Tides is the research magazine published (first in 2014) by the Dalhousie Oceanography Student Association (DOSA). It contains articles written and edited by oceanography graduate students, and details their current research in a style accessible to both scientists and non-scientists. It is distributed to universities with a strong connection to ocean sciences, as well as to visiting scientists, and at ocean sciences related conferences and meetings.

Current Tides Volume 3 is here!
You can view the new 2016 issue of Current Tides in .pdf format. For more information, visit the Current Tides website.