Teaching and Mentorship

Classes Taught

I held the junior and then associate NSERC/MARTEC/MSC Industrial Research Chair in ``Regional Ocean Modelling and Prediction'' from 1999 to 2010. I have therefore major research responsibilities in terms of developing numerical modelling systems to investigate the evolution and predictability of the atmosphere/ocean/ice system. The following are the courses I have taught at Dalhousie University since 1999.

OCEA4220/5220: Numerical Modelling of Atmospheres and Oceans
Course Description: This class is designed to give the student an in-depth knowledge of numerical modelling techniques for simulation of atmospheric and ocean circulations. Topics include finite difference, finite element and spectral methods for solving partial differential equations; accuracy and stability analysis of numerical schemes; a brief introduction to data assimilation and ensemble prediction methods; and boundary treatment for ocean models.
Prerequisites: 1000-level calculus or equivalent and instructors' consent. An introductory class in fluid mechanics is also helpful.

OCEA5222: Estuary, Coast and Shelf Dynamics
Course Description: This class is designed to assist graduate students (a) to understand important physical processes operative in the coastal ocean and on the continental shelf, (b) and to master appropriate skills to conduct independent research of the marine environment. This class takes the analytical approach to describe coastal-trapped waves with wavelengths much greater than the water depth, tidal circulation and tidal mixing regions, and three-dimensional circulation over the coastal and shelf regions. Topics discussed also include estuary circulation, buoyancy-driven circulation, coastal upwelling, and instability of coastal currents.
Prerequisites: Introductory Physical Oceanography (OCEA 5120)

Training of highly qualified personnel

I have supervised and co-supervised several research associates, postdoctoral fellows, and research assistants since January, 1999.

Dr. Eric Oliver was recruited as a postdoctoral fellow in September 2011 to work on the extreme ocean currents over the eastern Canadian shelf. Eric left for Hobart, Australia in February 2011 to take a "super science fellow" position at the Institute For Marine and Antarctic Studies.

Dr. Daisuke Hasegawa came to work with us in May 2009 on the POKM project. His main responsibility was to develop a nested-grid model using the POM. Daisuke left the group in September 2011 to take a research position in Japan.

Dr. Fuxi Ma was hired as a Research Associate in October 2008 to work on the GeoConnections project. Fuxi left the group in April 2010 to take a postdoctoral fellow position in the Faculty of Engineering.

Dr. Yuri Geshelin was hired as a Research Associate under the NSERC/MARTEC/MSC Industrial Research Chair in September 1998. Primarily under my supervision, Yuri developed a new temperature and salinity climatology for the northwest Atlantic Ocean (Geshelin et al, 1999) that has been used in several modelling studies. Yuri has been working with Dr. John Loder at Bedford Institute of Oceanography since September 1999.

Dr. Liang Wang was hired as a Research Associate from September 1999 to August 2000 to work on the numerical study of passive tracers in the northwest Atlantic. He worked very closely with myself and Dr. Dan Wright of BIO on implementing a flux-limiter scheme in CANDIE to eliminate numerical noise associated with the advection terms (Sheng et al., in prep.). Dr. Wang will come to work with me on September 15, 2001 to develop a high-resolution model for Lunenburg Bay.

Dr. Sheng Zhang was hired by Dr. Greatbatch and myself as a Research Associate to work on sea ice modelling as part of the NSERC/MARTEC/MSC Industrial Research Chair program. He has developed a coupled ocean/ice model for the northwest Atlantic Ocean.

Dr. Kyoko Ohashi was recruited as a Post-Doctorial Fellow to work on an operational shelf circulation forecast system known as DALCOAST supervised by myself and Dr. Hal Ritchie.

Dr. Liqun Tang was hired in April 2001 as a Research Associate to work on ocean circulation modelling for the Caribbean Sea, a collaborative research project with Dr. Sale of University of Windsor and Drs. Ruddick and Hatcher of Dalhousie University.

Hualin Wong was hired as a Research Assistant from August 2000 to April, 2001 to work on the research project of passive tracers in the northwest Atlantic. She also designed an informative website for CANDIE (www.phys.ocean.dal.ca/programs/CANDIE).

Mike Casey was recruited by Dr. Greatbatch and myself as the computer support person for the chair program. Mike was responsible for our pc-cluster and provided general computer support to our group. Mike left the group in August 2007 to pursue a Ph.D. degree in St. Mary.s University.

Qin Tu was recruited as a part-time Research Assistant in May, 2003 to work on the computer graphic programs for the CMEP project.

Dr. Bo Yang was recruited in October 2005 as a Post-Doctorial Fellow to develop a nested-grid model for Bras d.Or lakes of Nova Scotia.

Jun Zhao was recruited as a Research Assistant to work on the development of a coastal forecast model for Lunenburg Bay of Nova Scotia.