Storm Surge

Check out the latest maps of forecast sea level, total sea level time series and storm surge sea level time series. New forecasts are issued daily around 10 UTC (6 AST, 5 EST). Please, note that our system is experimental. It depends on the delivery of forecast winds and pressure fields from Environment Canada and. Therefore, there might be days when the forecast is late and others when there is no forecast, but we all hope for the best. 

Maps of forecast sea level:

Click on a red circle to see a contour map of the sea level pop up in a separate window.
Today Tomorrow
0 6 12 18 24 30 36 42 48 movie
sea level

Hours are in UTC. To convert to Atlantic Standard Time, subtract 4 hours during regular time and 3 hours during daylight savings time.

Sea Level Time Series

Chose one of the locations from the pull down menu to display total sea level forecast for selected locations. The total sea level is calculated by adding predicted tide to the storm surge forecast.

Storm Surge Time Series

Click on the red dot to see 48hr forecast of the storm surge only (No tide).