Jackie Hurst

Rm. LSC 5664
Department of Oceanography
Dalhousie University
Halifax, NS
B3H 4J1

e-mail: Jackie.Hurst@Dal.Ca
Phone: (902) 494-8834
FAX: (902) 494-2885

I am the Research Assistant for the Physical Oceanography group, and a few random faculty in other Oceanography sub-disciplines, at Dalhousie University.

Since we only work to pay for what we really want to do, here's what I'd really rather be doing.......

This is me and two of my best and oldest friends, Dan and Phil, at our high school reunion in 2007. We're standing on the stairs on the deck at the pub where the reunion was held. So..... I'm not really taller than Dan, but Phil is definitely a lot taller than me!

My cats, Sweetie and Shadow. This picture is proof that they can, indeed, occupy the same piece of furniture, without one pouncing and the other complaining, even if only for a moment..... Taken when Shadow was still a little guy - now he's huge! Sweetie doesn't like him to get too close, lol.

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