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There is a halo around my equation when I make a transparent background.
Basically, true transparency cannot be achieved unless anti-aliasing is turned off in the program that creates the image. If anti-aliasing is turned off, then the image looks very blocky. The best solution is to try to "tune" the background color to match that of your presentation. That way the halo will blend with the background. Another solution is to make the image very large, and then shrink it in your presentation.
Transparency does not work consistently.
This bug was fixed in version 0.8. You may have an old version of presentex on your system. At the command prompt, enter
$presentex --version
If you have an old version, it's time to download a more recent one. If this is happening to you and you're using the online tool or an updated version of presentex, then please contact me.

Last updated: September 23, 2008