Alex Hay - Students and Staff

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Nina Stark

Graduate Student Supervision

Jenna Hare (M.Sc.)

Matthew Hatcher (M.Sc.)

Justine McMillan (M.Sc.)

Greg Trowse (M.Sc.)

Theses Supervised

Marie-Noel Matthews (M.Sc.) Estimating Geoacoustic Parameters of Gassy Sediment Using Low-frequency Sound in St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia - completed December 2009

Trajce Alcinov (M.Sc.) Oblique Long Wavelength Ripples in Nearshore Sands - completed August 2009

Stephanie Moore (M.Sc.) The Angular Dependence of Acoustic Scattering from Suspended Sediment - completed June 2008

Ryan Mulligan (Ph.D.) Wave-Driven Circulation in Lunenburg Bay - completed May 2008

Maier, I. (MSc.) Linear Transition Ripples in Nearshore Sands, 99 pp., April 2008.

Cheel, R.A., (M.Sc.) Cross Ripple Occurrence in Nearshore Sands, 103 pp., April 2007.

Newgard, J., (M.Sc.) Near-bed Turbulence and Flat Bed Wave Friction Factors in the Nearshore Zone, 121 pp., July 2004.

Borg, K., (M.Sc.) Coherent Doppler Profiler Observations From a Ripple Migration Event at the Long Term Ecostystem Observatory LEO-15, 149 pp., Sept. 2002.

Laurinolli, M., (M.Sc.) Localisation of North Atlantic Right Whale (Eubalaena glacialis) Sounds Using Hydrophone Arrays in the Bay of Fundy, 118 pp., Sept. 2002

Smyth, C., (Ph.D.) Coherent Doppler Profiler Measurements of .Near-Bed Vertical Suspended Sediment Fluxes for Different Bedstates in the Nearshore Zone", 152 pp., July 2001.

Undergraduate Honours Student Projects

Chloe Malinka, (Hons. B.Sc. Marine Biology and Oceanography) Acoustic Detection Ranges and Baseline Ambient Noise Measurements for a Marine Mammal Monitoring System at a Proposed In-stream Tidal Turbine Site: Grand Passage, NS, 78 pp., April 2013.

Kathleen Graham, (Hons B.Sc.) Temporal Development of 2D and 3D Ripples in Oscillatory Flow, 47 pp., March 2007.

Krista Collins (Hons. B.Sc. Marine Biology and Statistics) Characterization of North Atlantic Right Whale (Eubalaena Glacialis) Sounds Produced in the Lower Bay of Fundy, 45 pp., April 2003.

Rachel Speller (B.Sc. Marine Geology) "Pock Marks" in Nearshore Sands: Observations during SandyDuck97. Hons. B.Sc. Thesis, Dept. of Earth Sciences, Dalhousie University, 63 pp., 2000.

Angelia Vanderlaan (B.Sc. Marine Biology and Statistics; Dr. Chris Taggart, co-supervisor), Hons. B.Sc. Thesis, Dalhousie University, 2000.

Research Staff:

Wes Paul (Ocean Acoustics Technologist), Doug Schillinger (Research Assistant), and Walter Judge (Electronics Technologist) form the mainstay of our field-going capability. Wes and Doug are full-time members of the Ocean Acoustics Lab. Walter's time is shared with other members of the Department. Doug's primary responsibilities are the computing/data processing facility and the related development of the real-time monitoring and data storage system for MEPS, and the development of processing algrorithms for the right whale sound detection recognition system. Wes is in charge of the Ocean Acoustics Lab and instrument development. Dr. Robert Craig (Ph.D. Herriot-Watt University) continues to work with us on the software for the QNX-based data acquisition system on a contractual basis. Jackie Hurst (Research Assistant, shared) provides graphics and manuscript preparation support.

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