System Information

Although this information is designed for users of the Physical Oceanography and Atmospheric Science computers, other users are welcome to browse through this material.

The computer system widely used in Physical Oceanography and Atmospheric Science consist of a distributed network of Sun Microsystems SPARCstations and Network Computing Devices display stations. We have also installed a few IBM RS/6000 machines, part of the IBM Environmental Research Program, and a multi-CPU Silicon Graphics machine. And, of course, several Linux machines are online.

The Gri Plotting Language

The Gri plotting language (by our own Dan Kelley) is widely used worldwide and has been described in Linux Journal (vol. 75, July 2000). A full online manual will tell you all you need to know about Gri. If you'd like to participate in the evolution of Gri (or just monitor it) see the Gri development page at the SourceForge open-source website.

Tutorial and Software Information

  • Various locally stored TeX/LaTeX related documents (PostScript format).
  • PINE (mail reader)
  • The Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd (NAG)
  • IBM's Data Explorer
  • Other IBM information:
  • The Physical Oceanography Video Workstation.

    Others Programs and Data Sets from the Internet

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