CANDIE is a three-dimensional ocean circulation model modified directly from DieCAST (DIEtrich/Center for Air Sea Technology) . DieCAST itself was developed by David Dietrich and has been successfully applied to the wind-driven circulation in Lake Neuchatel, Switzerland [Zuur and Dietrich, 1990], loop current eddies in the Gulf of Mexico [Dietrich and Lin, 1994], and is also being applied to study the buoyancy and wind-driven circulation of the North Atlantic .

Since 1998, CANDIE has been used in various studies, ranging from process studies of a coastal jet in the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the seasonal circulation in the northwestern Atlantic. The following are selected examples of its applications:

Wind-driven circulation over an idealized coastal Canyon

Process Studies of the Gaspe Current

Internal Tide Generation over Topography

Tidal Circulation in the Gulf of St. Lawrence

Seasonal Circulation in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean