Daniel G. Wright, Ph.D. (UBC), Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Ocean Sciences Division, Bedford Institute of Oceanography.

   Jinyu Sheng, B.Sc. (East China Tech.), M.Sc., Ph.D. (MUN), Assistant Professor. Ocean modelling and prediction, shelf circulation, data assimilation.

   Richard J. Greatbatch, BSc (Liverpool), PhD (Cambridge), Professor and NSERC/MARTEC/MSC Chair in Regional Ocean Modelling and Prediction. Climate change, variability on time scales of days to interdecadal, the large-scale ocean/atmosphere circulation, and the dynamics of shallow sea and shelf regions.

   David Dietrich

   Youyu Lu, Ph.D. (UVic). Coastal and shelf circulation, numerical modeling, tubulence measurement and parameterization.

   Liang Wang

   William P. O'Connor

   HuaLin Wong, B.A. (MUN), AIT (ITI), Research Assistant. Development and maintenance of CANDIE website.