5      Doing A Model Run

There are two major steps to set up CANDIE for a specific application. The first step is to prepare the model domain, grid spacing, bathymetry, Coriolis parameter values, and the initial temperature and salinity. Once these features are set up they will not usually change in many model simulations for a particular application. These initializations are done within the PREP subdirectory. The second step is to set the specific parameters and model options for an inividual simulation and perform the run. This is done within the MAIN subdirectory.

The purpose of this section is to guide the user through the sequence of steps involved in setting up and performing a model run. It is important to realize that C-preprocessor directives are used extensively within the code to allow many different possibilities within a single program. While this is convenient, the large variety of options represents a potential barrier for the new user. At this time it is important to understand the meaning of the SPECIAL_TEST C-preprocessor option used in the preparation. The use of the SPECIAL_TEST option indicates that the user will specify a special grid and bathymetry (such as a rectangular basin or circular lake) that is not set up from the realistic bathymetry with lon/lat specifications. The default in program prep.F is to set up a realistic model bathymetry from a lon/lat grid, which is not included in the #ifdef block of code of the SPECIAL_TEST option.

In the present discussion, we will focus on setting up a run for a particular region, the North Atlantic (NA). This is not a SPECIAL_TEST. Setting up a run for any other region in the world would be done similarly. A variety of project applications have also been set up and the files required to prepare for these runs are included in the PREP subdirectory. The present discussion will be simplified by focussing on a NA simulation. Running the SPECIAL_TEST cases will be discussed in the next section.

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