1     Foreword

2     Introduction

               2.1     Model Background
               2.2     Accessing the Model Code (obtaining a CANDIE-gram)

3     A-grid vs C-grid

               3.1     The CANDIE A-Grid Model
               3.2     The CANDIE Forward Time Integration

4     Program Organization

               4.1     Subdir:  PREP
               4.2     Subdir:  MAIN
               4.3     Subdir:  MOVIE
               4.4     Subdir:  DATA and PLOTS

5     Doing a model Run

               5.1     Routines used in Preparing for a Model Run - prep.F
                         5.1.1     The Horizontal Grid (prep.Fcont'd)
                         5.1.2     The Vertical Grid (prep.F)
                         5.1.3     Data Initialization and Interpolation Routines (prep.F)

               5.2     An Outline of the Preparation Procedure
                         5.2.1     Determining Code
                         5.2.2     Determining Preparation Parameter Values
                         5.2.3     The SPECIAL_TEST OPTION: What's Special?

               5.3     Routines used in doing a model run - main.F

               5.4     An Outline of the Runtime Procedure
                         5.4.1     Determining Code
                         5.4.2     Determining Runtime Parameter Values

               5.5     Displaying Movies

6     Terms and Definitions


A     Model Formulation on C- and A-grids

               A.1     The Governing Equations
               A.2     Time Discretization
               A.3     Spatial Discretization on the C-Grid
               A.4     Spatial Discretization on the A-Grid

B     Circular Basin Case

               B.1     Setting up PREP/prep.F
               B.2     Setting up main.F
               B.3     Plotting Results
                                       Figure 1a
                                       Figure 1b
                                       Figure 2
                                       Figure 3
                                       Figure 4
                                       Figure 5

Typographical Conventions

  • File names (including executables) are in italics: prep.F
  • Directory and subroutine names are in typewriter style: subroutine INITFS
  • Variables and parameters are in bold face: LRSTRT

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