Paul Hill's Teaching Page


I teach the introductory oceanography course at Dalhousie, as well as an upper-level undergraduate course on major events in Earth history (as seen through an oceanographer's eyes).  I teach a couple of graduate classes on an on-demand basis.  Below are some brief descriptions of the courses.  If you are enrolled in one of these classes, then you can find more complete course materials by logging onto Blackboard Learning System (BLS).

The Blue Planet (OCEA 2000)

This yearlong introductory-level, undergraduate course explores all aspects of the fascinating science of oceanography.  Click here for an example outline.

The Last Billion Years (OCEA 3004)

This fall-semester, upper-level, undergraduate course provides an oceans-oriented examination of the processes underlying major events in Earth history.   Click here for an example outline.

Marine Particles Module

Particles affect many important processes in the ocean, from flux of carbon to the deep sea to transport of pollutants to transmission of light.  This month-long graduate module explores the physics of particles in the sea.  It is taught at a level that is accessible to students without a background in physics or math, but students with such a background find it interesting too.  This module is not offered every year, so email me if you are interested in taking it.