The Canadian Conference for Fisheries Research has been meeting annually for over 50 years now and continues to meet once a year in early January in concert with the Society of Canadian Limnologists (SCL). The conference is a forum where researchers and graduate students can present and discuss the latest advances in freshwater and marine fisheries research.

Each year a strong programme is prepared and includes several invited speakers and presentations in the joint CCFFR & SCL session by the J.C. Stevenson Memorial Lecturer (CCFFR) and the Frank Rigler Memorial Lecturer (SCL). In keeping with tradition, a keynote speaker is normally on hand to provide the latest insights in any number of areas important to Canadian aquatic sciences. The banquet is held jointly with SCL and is a good opportunity for members of both groups to interact.

The overall programme themes vary from year to year but generally focus on aquatic and fisheries science advances and the ability of new research to provide predictions and solutions for fisheries problems. Presentations are encouraged to reflect bold, imaginative, and credible science. Papers are expected from individual and team research initiatives among the academic, government and private sectors.

CCFFR opens with a registration mixer the on the evening immediately preceeding the start of the conference and continues with 2 and-a-half days of oral presentations, poster sessions, informal discussions and events. Graduate students are encouraged to attend and present their research findings and can apply for financial support from the Travel Fund; Clemens-Rigler Caisse de voyage and are especially encouraged to do so.












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